beatles - cheers slag!

fic (omg fic!): the beatles. a collab with bossymarmalade

run for yer life by bossymarmalade & glockgal
the beatles

warnings: murder, drug use
disclaimer: we've cocked up some of the beatles history, but to be fair, none of this is real anyhow.
bossymarmalade sez: i think this story has been working its way to the surface for fifteen years, only neither of us realized it.
glockgal sez: i am the mccartney to her lennon. without all the pizza and fairytales. (well, maybe a little)

summary: you don't get to the toppermost of the poppermost without a little sacrifice.
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Because I need something to entertain me at work and I love learning about perceptions of fandom etiquette. :D

- Poll is about commenting habits for fanworks in any given fandom
- Poll is refers to the LJ-comment system for posted fanworks
- No answer is wrong.
- Comments are extremely welcome
- This post is public

Poll #1508446 le comment

When you get feedback/praise comments for your fanwork, do you reply (ie to thank them, etc) :

Always; and as soon as possible
Always; but errrr, it might take a while, heh
Sometimes; depending on how busy I become
It depends; I only respond to feedback that asks questions, says something pertinent, etc
Hardly; but maybe I overall thank commenters in a separate post.
Never; I don't see the point, the commentors know I'm grateful for their feedback
Other; I'll explain in comments (will YOU respond to me? bwahaaaaa XD)

When the fanwork creator responds to a feedback comment you leave, are you:

Pleased; it shows the fanwork creator acknowledges my enjoyment and the time I took to leave feedback
Neutral; the fanwork creator doesn't need to say 'thank you!' but it's nice and polite of them
Bothersome; a 'thanks!' comment is unnecessary and clutters my inbox
Something else; I'll comment

If you get feedback/comments on a fanwork you did ages ago, are you:

Happy; even though it's old, I love feedback and I reply tothank them!
Happy; even though it's old, I love feedback but I don't worry about replying to their comment if I don't have time.
Neutral; it's nice to get the feedback, and I'm not an ingrate, but it's an old fanwork, so meh
Bothered; I have new stuff from that fandom, dangit! Old stuff is old!
Gah, your options are constraining, I WANT TO BE FREE

When you enjoy someone's fanwork that was posted ages ago (ie, it's old), do you:

Still leave feedback anyway, treating it as any other fanwork I enjoy
Leave feedback only if I reallyreally enjoyed it; the creator has clearly moved on to producing other fanworks.
Leave feedback only if I know the person/they're a friend.
Don't bother leaving feedback, since old fanwork is old; might annoy the creator
None of this, lemme tell you in comments
atla: cauc in asian

2009 Racebending Year in Summary

What a year it's been, full of ups and downs but in the end - a wonderful pile of ups. Thank you to my friendlist not just for supporting me, but for helping me sort out my own thoughts about racism, prejudice, privilege, silencing, ignorance, derailment and allies. Thank you to jedifreac and whosdamike for being so amazingly pro-active and spearheading triumphs.

why we're doing this
racebending primer
about us

where we live

ljtwitterfacebookstreet teams

what we do
racebending @ dragoncon '09
racebending @ comiccon '09
racebending @ futures of entertainment '09
racebending on YouTube
racebending, JACL and MANAA protest the film The Goods. Paramount Pictures apologizes.
racebending protests the film The Weapon.

what results
APA Coalition Meets with Paramount Pictures
At a meeting with Paramount Pictures regarding the depictions of Asian Americans in The Goods, the Media Action Network for Asian Americans brings up the casting controversy over The Last Airbender.

who supports us (more supporters on our website!)
Roger Ebert
Tycho of Penny Arcade
Derek Kirk Kim
Gene Yang
Keith Chow
comicbook artists
Secret Asian Man
Margaret Cho
Balitang America

people who worked on the series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Giancarlo Volpe, Storyboard Director, Award-winning Director
Dao Le, Animatic Editor
Siu-Leung Lee, Cultural Consultant

how we learn
History of Yellowface
Paramount Pictures and Asian Americans: A Tarnished Legacy
Do Children See Race? and The Virtue of Colourblindness
Interviews with industry and social professionals.

how you can help
Buy a t-shirt!
Sign up for newsletters and street team info!
Spread the word - online, in real life
Boycott the movie The Last Airbender ! Nothing speaks louder than shutting our wallets.

Yellowface: A Documentary
fem - glockgal

the fanart love meme

credit to the original, because because because --

the ♥ fanart love ♥ meme

  • comment with your username and the fandoms you create fanart for.
  • people will comment telling you their favorite art by you, what character/pairing they think you best render visually, and other positive comments. they can also mention what they think you should create more art for, or anything else concerning what they like about your art-making.
  • pimp it it to your journal and/or fanartist comms.
  • this is a love meme. so no wank, no insults. please report any negative comments to me immediately.

SIDE NOTE TO FANARTISTS: this is open to ALL types of fanartists: illustrators, crafters, collagers, manippers, bakers, photographers, graphic makers...any one who considers themselves a fanartist!

atla: sokka draws

Avatar, Halloween

RACEBENDING.COM - promo shirts!
Thanks to Mike and Dariane for setting this up - we have new OFFICIAL t-shirts for sale at Blacklava! Our Zazzle store will still remain up to sell bumper stickers and postcards. But all t-shirts are now through Blacklava.

We print on American Apparel, which is a fair trade sweatshop-free organization - and comfy and cute as well! Their sizes do run small, though; so keep that in mind when you choose your size.

Thanks to BlackLava, 100% of proceeds go back to the and the LA Street Team. Funds are needed to maintain the web-site, purchase booth space at conventions, promotional material for distribution (fliers and flair), and further shirt printings.

Buy a shirt and support our cause!

Not that I think anyone on my flist would do this, but just in case you encounter it in your Halloween travails, you shouldn't feel weird to speak out about it:

Dressing up as another race for Halloween? Not a good idea.

No, this does not render the person who chose the costume is immediately a racist; it's the idea that is racist and they should be called on it. What do I mean by 'dressing up as another race'? Here is a helpful list of some Halloween costume no-nos:

- Native American/First Nations
- Blackface (yes, it's happened before). This includes Jamaican costumes.
- Geisha girl
- China doll
- Illegal Alien

I know this can be a touchy matter and after you've had a few shots of the Halloween punch, it might be difficult to retort to the compelling arguments of "You wouldn't be mad if I wore lederhosen!" and "It's just a Halloween costume; calm down!" - but! It's worth it to try. Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.

ETA: Yay, Stuff White People Do: suddenly get interested in non-white people whenever halloween comes around - perfect timing, oui?

ETA #2: It gets better! Disgrasian: Racist Halloween Costumes...for Pets. I don't even know. I don't.

ETA #3: ontd_political reposts Your Halloween Costume: A Bigot from source

ETA #4: Sociological Images ( posts about Racist Halloween Costumes. Straight to the point.
fem - glockgal

Yuletart: What is fanart?

It's interesting to see the sign-ups at yuletart as well as the questions us Mods get from participants and potential participants. Questions that are unique to a fanart fest, I think. Like -

- is my type of art acceptable for this fest?
- can I mail my art to my gift-receiver after the fest?
- I don't consider myself a fanartist; can I still participate?

It's really neat, I mean. Do fanfic fests get questions like these? I can't imagine someone being unsure if what they write can be construed as fanfic. Do fanfic participants ever want to submit like poem epics or....?

It's just another example of how in fandom the two fanwork biggies are Fanfics and Fanart - but the fanart umbrella stretches wide and is very nebulous.

In yuletart a lot of discussion was needed for us to define what constitutes as acceptable fanart for the fest. We made the decision to not allow photo-manipulations, graphics, template 3Dmodel pose-art or vidding*; but we do accept:

- drawn art (traditional or digital)
- animation
- crafts (knitting, sculpting, foodart and more!)
- cosplay

and our very VERY murky area:
- photographs taken by the artist (must create style/story)
- collages/paintovers (where the collage is manual and/or is used to create a style/story)
- 3D modeling/texturing/rigging/rendering

I mean! Lookit all of those choices of fanart! This is why I find yuletart such an exciting and creative fest. But sometimes a bit harrowing for the Mods, heh. We have had to make judgment-calls not just about whether someone's art is acceptable content-wise, but also whether it fits into our definition of 'art' without the situation getting wanky.

Anyway. I think we've covered all our bases in the FAQ. Here's hoping we won't have to make such a judgment call this year! The sign-ups are still going wonderfully strong - keep 'em coming!

* I've seen vidding being used under the category of fanart; but do vidders consider themselves a separate category? Or do vidders refer to themselves as 'a fanartist'?
fem - glockgal

fandom, race, moar fandom

I'm not really planning on watching any shows this Fall until they are released on DVD next summer (or in Merlin's case, dl), but for the sake of those who do, I still think this is a good reminder to everyone, just in case (cause we tend to forget things in lieu of excitement) -

spoiler cuts. they are of the good

For real - it can save a lot of WTFOMFGIH8U*DEFRENZ* to do a very simple <lj-cut text="SPOILER for blah blah"> on communities and yes! Even on your own journal. Cause yeah I know: omg it's your journal you can do whatcha want; but guess what? OTHER PEOPLE READ YOUR PUBLIC POSTS. That's, uh. That's how LJ works.

Speaks for itself, so.

Open Letter to Eric Kripke by Alaya Dawn Johnson.
Note: the opinions of a privileged white fan by zillahseye

Oh by the way - race and race issues in fandom? It's not wank. Just in case anyone felt it was, it's not. Capslock debates over what constitutes spoiler-alerts = wank. Insults over Bale!Batman vs Keaton!Batman = wank. Thousand-thread ship wars = wank. My colour or culture or presence in fandom does not equate to casual masturbation, thanks.
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Say no to unfamiliar surveys. Disney pwns Marvel. Facebook fall.

Via notrafficlights:
If you were thinking of filling out that Fan Fiction Survey, make sure to read this first before giving away precious information about your ficcish habits.

In other news, Disney Corporation buys Marvel Company. The jokes about a Mickey Mouse/Wolverine team-up have begun as well as people crying about Marvel becoming 'family friendly'...I think the bigger WTFDKJFHKDJF is that one of the four largest megalomaniac media corporations has now bought over a comicbook industry Big Fish. That's not very family friendly to me. It's all business, folks.

(On the bright side, Tom mentioned that hopefully they'll release Disney's stable of EXTREMELY TALENTED artists onto Marvel to revamp their 2D animation style. Because a Marvel animation to rival that of Warner Bros' DCComics' [now ex-]artist Bruce Timm? That'd be kinda win.)

One last thing - Facebook starting to wane? I've shut down most of my profile and only really use mine to:

a) Rant about things like Stopping Child Torture, Racebending and (more frivolously) yapping about movies.
b) Planning parties/get togethers/meet-ups with RL friends.

The latter is invaluable because I'm pretty sure Vancouver has the highest population of Facebook accounts. (And spas for dogs...just so you know what kind of city I live in). So eh. Sure, New York City might think Facebook is leaving; but Lotusland, we ain't gonna let it die!

fem - glockgal vs Child torture victims vs Child Torture Victims
Yeah, I can't believe I had to write that out either. Seems in all its corporate neutrality has taken to taunting a survivor or child torture by arbitrarily giving and taking away her right to speak out...then blaming her for not following's ToS. So classy and mature, innit?

waywardradish needs help. First, has cow-towed to the whims of the so-called therapists, who murdered children in a grotesque process called Attachment Therapy. Now is treating a survivor - who's only goal is to contact other survivors and mete justice on their torturers - like nothing more than an animal. Like I said - CLASSY AND MATURE, WORDPRESS.COM.

She needs your help, and here are some ways you can do it.
1.) Read as much of her blog, before it's shut down completely again. Educate yourself.
2.) Write a brief email to ( to protest the censoring of child survivors. To make things even easier, here's some Collapse ) This is quick and easy and WORTH IT.
3.) Further info on how you can help.
4.) Please repost or link to this. The textbox is all my post, so you can C&P and edit at will.