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cidercupcakes discusses an issue: 'it is not the duty of marginalized people to educate privileged people, or to fit some gold standard of "niceness" in calling them out on their privilege'

Actually, while I fully 100% support what Cider is referring to (ie the erasure of a character's canon Jewishness by replacing it with Catholicism), her post translates to another important discussion of privilege that's recently surfaced on my flist.

I am tired of people complaining that 'privilege' is a word that makes them sick or sad or angry or annoyed or bored or omg too PC!!! or hypocritical or one of a dozen dismissal tactics that concurrently dismisses real, actual people. Hey - if you really do prefer to consciously dismiss other humans, then I'm have no interest in knowing you.

I'm unlocking a previous post for the sake of this one. Privilege, and its Wacky Cousin....Intersectionality!.
- most people who rail against the concept of privilege refuse to learn the concept of intersectionality. So essentially, they're being self-righteous about half an idea. Why? Why would they do this? Possibly because it's easier to do so, since then the becomes All About Them and How Hurt They Are by people talking about privilege? It's preferable to remain ignorant and not learn, because it's just too hard to analyse yourself? I don't know.

(sadly, I'm fairly sure people who need to learn and educate themselves won't be reading any of these posts. As I said - it's easier to remain hostage to one's own unchecked privilege.)



Why boycott The Last Airbender? From ssj10, her reasons: These Are My Colours*

(*While racebending.com does not encourage illegal downloading, I personally feel that's your choice.)

A friend recently mentioned that they wanted to see The Last Airbender on the big screen, because its trailers looked cool and it occured to me that they're probably not the only one. Here is my suggestion.

Wanna see The Last Airbender on the big screen?

Okay. Then how about this --

1) Try not to go on opening weekend.
2) Buy a movie ticket for another movie (Karate Kid? Toy Story 3?). You are sill paying for a movie, so you are being honest to the theatre, and to yourself.
3) Encourage your friends to do the same
4) Sate your curiousity, watch TLA

That's my suggestion.
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one last thing about Supernatural fanwork

So in my previous post, [personal profile] silviakundera was like:
"(on a sorta related note: someone on the anon meme was like, "what do you want? for people to write the J2 as POC in these fics?" and I thought, 'heeeeey. wait. PEOPLE COULD DO THAT. (okay, on second thought, they would probably do awful things with it. but the idea! ) except wait--you were joking? so, why not? come on, don't tell me that's deviating from "canon" more than jared being a mermaid or jensen being a submissive ship captain IN SPACE.' I love how THAT's a total random and implausible suggestion--making the J2 actual participants in these cultures people want to write about, instead of sparkly white journalists)"

-- and really what I got from it was "what do you want? for people to write the J2 as POC in these fics?" and "heeey wait. PEOPLE COULD DO THAT" combined with the fact that my mind is currently full of the awesome that is The Racebending Revenge Ficathon --

And yeah. Stuff happened.

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Hm, well. That didn't go too well for Sam and Dean. Guess I'll try again later?


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30 Days of Me Meme - Day 16

Day 16 - A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

There was a time in my life when 'Never Had a Friend Like Me' from Aladdin was guaranteed to make me cry.  For those who saw it - you remember that scene?  There's Aladdin, stuck in the cave with a monkey, and doing a half-hearted job trying to clean the stupid lamp he stole from the stupid cavern to give to that stupid old man - when lo and behold, Mrs Doubtfire pops out and proceeds to do bizarre character impressions from her comic routine that she's been practicing for the past, say, 3000 years.  It might be a tad dated.

Now Aladdin is savvy and has his doubts about Dr Patch Adams. Is he really a genie? Can he do more than hokey impressions of tv celebrities? What exactly IS a genie anyway? Undaunted, Patch is determined to demonstrate to the puny mortal, not just his interweb-sized familiarity of entertaining facts, but also that he happens to have AWESOME COSMIC POWERS. And even better, that he's inherently tied to Aladdin's plot fate (although this is an Arabic story and Islamic faith can be a little meh about predestination and fortune-telling...but Aladdin is a good lad and listens politely anyway).

So, Jumanji launches into the kick-starter song, typical to Disney animated features - songs like 'Under the Sea' or 'Be Our Guest' or 'Just Can't Wait to be King', which utilize peppy, energetic-bordering-on-frenetic singing and choreography to propel the protagonist into a life-changing decision.  Jumanji spares no expense in creating an affectionate fanfare, a tribute to a potentially long-lasting BFF relationship with puny mortal Aladdin.

The song 'Never Had a Friend Like Me' earnestly and desperately tries to convince Aladdin just how much the genie needs and loves him (Aladdin, for the record, remains unimpressed and dupes poor Teddy Roosevelt...but Teddy is a sport and gets over it, for the sake of friendship) - and beneath all the hilarious in-jokes and rapid-fire pop culture references, 'Never Had a Friend Like Me' hums plea of loneliness, something sweet and intent on showing one creature trying all sorts to assure a puny mortal that they are, indeed, worthy of a friendship.

Is this song really about friensdship though? Aladdin, being a good little diamond in the rough, of course sees that friendship is a two-way street - but the idea that with every single puny mortal (some with debatable morals) John Keating has to haul out this song and dance routine and say self-esteem-damaging things like: What will your pleasure be?/Let me take your order, jot it down/You ain't never had a friend like me, no no no and You're the boss, the king, the shah/Say what you wish, it's yours...it's rather heart-rending and painful to see Keating deliver such a debasing song, with such earnest hope.

It's not easy the other way either.  For Aladdin - who is living in a very stringent classist empire - the very notion of having someone - anyone - who immediately purports support, love and loyalty  (not the mention that they happen to have AWESOME COSMIC POWERS) can be overwhelming. True to his upbringing, he initially treats the genie with a combination of suspicion and nonchalance. But underneath his street-sense, you know Aladdin is thrilled to see that someone - even someone like Mork - wants to be his friend.

And yeah, sometimes I cry thinking about this and their attempt at something real, honest, affectionate, initiated immediately by the theme that 'You ain't never had a friend like me'. What a wonderful idea, true friendship is.

ETA: people may think I'm thinking WAY too much about a Disney song I'd heard a thousand times before but then suddenly found it oh, so Spechul - but you gotta understand that I tend to get extremely emotional about themes of camaraderie, family, loyalty and trust. I attribute it to a past life or something.

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In a brief respite for the 30 Days of Me meme, a couple worthwhile links:
[personal profile] halcyonjazz - On Girls
if that character were written as a boy, would you have a problem?

[profile] racebending - This Month in Asian Americans in Comics -
characters of color and actors of color are less likely to take precedence, be the main character, to be vital to the stories being told. This isn't a coincidence, it's an ongoing trend.

ETA oh wow one more. Oh WOW.

[personal profile] shewhohashope - In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night
White supremacy is not just for white nationalists, it's so embedded in our culture that people can't imagine seeing it unless one was looking for it.

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first: rage. second: yay!

Tell me what you imagine when you think of Genghis Khan. Let me know if it's similar to a dude clad in thick fur and leather and metal armours, maybe with a little pointy helmet? Maybe bearded and mustachio'd? Looking all leader-like, definitely, right? Sword or bow in hand? Horses nearby (or he's riding one)? Completely kickass and badass right? - eta- because he wasn't exactly badass for mass genocide Leading an army and empire across the Asian continent, right?

Oh, and of course, Mongolian. right?

Well according to Hollywood, he's John Wayne MICKEY ROURKE.



I am so horrified. This is 21, Dragonball Z, The Last Airbender and Extraordinary Measures rolled into one ball of MASSIVE YELLOWFACE FAIL

Go on, someone - please play devil's advocate and justify how and why Mickey Rourke should play Genghis Khan. Please? I won't rage at you, I promise. I just want to know how this can be justified in ANYONE'S MIND. please, tell me?

Thank you to the darling anon who gave me one jolly month of paid time on Dreamwidth!! Eee! Time to stuff myself full of awesome icons! \o/

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I'm Sorry
I've felt there are two categories of 'I'm sorry' which many people (including me!) have used:

TYPE 1: the true apology, where the apologist is genuinely interested in changing their actions and/or perspectives. They are generally willing to listen, to learn, to progress, to practice further conscientious behaviour.

TYPE 2: the false apology. We've all encountered it, online and offline. It's an apology of defense. And it's generally repetitive, because it doesn't mean anything so the mistakes keep happening. The apologist continues to think and behave in the same way they always do, with no true intention (subconscious or no) of educating themselves or becoming more understanding of another's situation. They say 'I'm sorry', but because it's false, they will return to their old patterns, make the same mistakes, apologize again.

Some people do this their whole lives without learning a thing and not caring. Others become bitter and resentful that they are 'forced' to apologize so many times for the same things. This leads to blaming the harmed person (or group) for being harmed at all. It's your fault that you took offense.

SEMI-TYPE 2: the passive-aggressive apology. It generally goes "I'm sorry that you're upset" or "It wasn't my intent" or "I'm sorry you took offense". This isn't even an apology, which is why I don't categorize it. It places all the blame or harmful action on the other person and willfully makes the semi-apologist look like a naive innocent. Again, it's another situation of 'it's your fault you were hurt by my actions'.

and a newly added third category -
TYPE 3: the insecure apology. I learned this one from my BFF/roomie, who compulsively apologizes for everything whenever she is personally in a bad headspace. (for example: she'd come home, put her bag down and say "Sorry". She'd say "Can we watch ___ tv show? I'm sorry"). I learned from her that this is an apology that stems from insecurity - she is convinced that her every action and thought makes the other person annoyed. That every opinion she has is wrong. She generally does this if she's stressed out or depressed.

Type 3 is one I had to learn to understand, because I wasn't familiar with it. I have unending sympathy and understanding for Type 3 apologies, because I know it stems from stress/insecurity. However, I did explain to my BFF that her constant apologies then put me in the involuntary role of the daily villain. She put me in a position of constantly disapproving authority - authority that I didn't want or have or encourage. I was cornered there, because then I was obliged to 'forgive' her. It was a false forgiveness, because I wasn't upset in the first place. I didn't want to be a villain, I explained this and we compromised for the better. <3 her.

Any other types of apologies that you have encountered, either online or offline?

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ETA FINAL: The group has been restored!! All it took was a day's worth of really fabulous determined people not letting Facebook get away with their foolishness. My goodness. Thanks, all of you.
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I had to defriend a couple people yesterday for some massive failitude they expressed about white privilege, thereby mocking my other dear friend's very vulnerable and open LJ post about her experience with that subject.

One of the people I defriended I didn't know well so I was fine with the mutual defriending. The other person was someone I thought I could trust - and I just realized I'm co-modding an art comm with her - this was...a really hard decision. But what she said was SO hurtful (particularly as it was addressed to our mutual friend, which in turn made me loyalty!GRRRR), I don't know if I even want to talk to her about it. The energy it takes to even say something. It's really, really not fun.

Anyway, just to clarify the concept of white privilege to people who are actually interested in knowing about it, but might not have all the facts:

White privilege is not stand-alone. Like all privileges, it is intersectional. Many people enjoy privileges based on their race, gender, sexual identity, social class, physical health etc without even knowing or understanding it. I enjoy many privileges from my physical health (I am young, healthy, and able-bodied), mental health (I do not have any mental illnesses), social class (I am educated and middle-class) and sexual identity (I am straight). Y'see what I mean by 'intersectional'?

There are even some race privileges that I enjoy, due to being categorized (not willingly) into the 'model minority' category - bluntly speaking: because I am not black, I'm generally more 'acceptable' in white standards. I'll stress again: not willingly. But there it is and I acknowledge it, even as I fight against the model minority stereotype.

Just because you have privileges based on certain inborn attributes, does not automatically make you a bad person to underprivileged people. But acknowledging these privileges that you* enjoy is the first step to understanding an underprivileged person when they bring up harmful and offensive issues.

It is not about you. Your inherent guilt does not factor into another person's suffering. Especially if you consider them your friend or someone who you know would not lightly bring up privilege.

So in short:
- white privilege is not the be-all and end-all, and just because you're white and you have white privilege, doesn't automatically mean you are EVIL IN THE EYES OF ALL PEOPLE OF COLOUR.
- it's the same as saying you're a feminist - being a feminist doesn't automatically mean you HATE ALL MEN.
- it's the same as if I, being able-bodied, started ragging on disabled rights groups to stop pointing out able-bodied privilege, because "omg they are so mean because I may be able-bodied, but I'm also poor! So I don't enjoy as many able-bodied privileges as those mean disabled people claim I have!"

Intersectionality in privilege. Acknowledging one's privilege. Empathy to underprivileged. Key points.

I hope this clarifies things for some people? This is something I am willing to discuss. atm. :)

* also, consider that privilege is categorized by a group situation, not you personally. A lot of the privileged groups are considered 'the normal' or 'the default' - like men, able-bodied, white, straight, etc - in modern society. An aspect of a certain privilege may not apply to you personally, but that doesn't render the concept null.

I didn't watch The Pacific - I don't have HBO anyway - but I did watch the premiere episode of Murdoch Mysteries, Season 3!

EEEEE it started off a little 'hmmmm' but progressed really well and the ending was just 'squeee'. God, I love this show so much, and I'm glad that after the lame awful (OH HEY LOOK - ABLEISM PRIVILEGE CHECK. Very sorry about that. I'm trying to excise that term from my vocabulary) that was Season 2, that Season 3 is showing promise.

Yay little Canadian Victorian murder mystery show! \o/ Don't stop being awesome.