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FIC REC: Harry/Padma

Just popping in to say that my smutty_claus gift was posted today and it is THE BESTEST FIC I'VE READ IN FOREVER, KDJFHDSFKJSHFDJKD and I recommend it to everyone, forever and ever.

Title: Inferi of London
Author: Anonymous
Pairing: Harry Potter/Padma Patil
Summary: The victims of the Battle of Hogwarts aren't even cold when powerful necromancy sweeps the nation; Harry can't fight this new enemy on his own.
Rating: NC-17
Length: 8,700 words
Warnings: Character death (not Harry or Padma), possible disturbing content, AU
Author's notes: Thank you to my beta for helping me polish this. Several paragraphs taken directly from Deathly Hallowsglockgal, you had some great prompts for me to pick from and I really hope you enjoy this!

(btw, I thought I mentioned this already, but I'm pretty much on Tumblr right now. Because of reasons.

<3 <3 <3
Tags: fandom lurve, fandom rec

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