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cidercupcakes discusses an issue: 'it is not the duty of marginalized people to educate privileged people, or to fit some gold standard of "niceness" in calling them out on their privilege'

Actually, while I fully 100% support what Cider is referring to (ie the erasure of a character's canon Jewishness by replacing it with Catholicism), her post translates to another important discussion of privilege that's recently surfaced on my flist.

I am tired of people complaining that 'privilege' is a word that makes them sick or sad or angry or annoyed or bored or omg too PC!!! or hypocritical or one of a dozen dismissal tactics that concurrently dismisses real, actual people. Hey - if you really do prefer to consciously dismiss other humans, then I'm have no interest in knowing you.

I'm unlocking a previous post for the sake of this one. Privilege, and its Wacky Cousin....Intersectionality!.
- most people who rail against the concept of privilege refuse to learn the concept of intersectionality. So essentially, they're being self-righteous about half an idea. Why? Why would they do this? Possibly because it's easier to do so, since then the becomes All About Them and How Hurt They Are by people talking about privilege? It's preferable to remain ignorant and not learn, because it's just too hard to analyse yourself? I don't know.

(sadly, I'm fairly sure people who need to learn and educate themselves won't be reading any of these posts. As I said - it's easier to remain hostage to one's own unchecked privilege.)



Why boycott The Last Airbender? From ssj10, her reasons: These Are My Colours*

(*While does not encourage illegal downloading, I personally feel that's your choice.)

A friend recently mentioned that they wanted to see The Last Airbender on the big screen, because its trailers looked cool and it occured to me that they're probably not the only one. Here is my suggestion.

Wanna see The Last Airbender on the big screen?

Okay. Then how about this --

1) Try not to go on opening weekend.
2) Buy a movie ticket for another movie (Karate Kid? Toy Story 3?). You are sill paying for a movie, so you are being honest to the theatre, and to yourself.
3) Encourage your friends to do the same
4) Sate your curiousity, watch TLA

That's my suggestion.
Tags: metajunk, racebending, the last airbender

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