NO KILL I (glockgal) wrote,

one last thing about Supernatural fanwork

So in my previous post, [personal profile] silviakundera was like:
"(on a sorta related note: someone on the anon meme was like, "what do you want? for people to write the J2 as POC in these fics?" and I thought, 'heeeeey. wait. PEOPLE COULD DO THAT. (okay, on second thought, they would probably do awful things with it. but the idea! ) except wait--you were joking? so, why not? come on, don't tell me that's deviating from "canon" more than jared being a mermaid or jensen being a submissive ship captain IN SPACE.' I love how THAT's a total random and implausible suggestion--making the J2 actual participants in these cultures people want to write about, instead of sparkly white journalists)"

-- and really what I got from it was "what do you want? for people to write the J2 as POC in these fics?" and "heeey wait. PEOPLE COULD DO THAT" combined with the fact that my mind is currently full of the awesome that is The Racebending Revenge Ficathon --

And yeah. Stuff happened.

I used Sam and Dean instead of Jared and Jensen because I'm not really into J2. But the idea remains the same.

Hm, well. That didn't go too well for Sam and Dean. Guess I'll try again later?

ETA: ZOMG, PART TWO!!!! - comment on DW or on LJ. S'all good!
Tags: fanart, metajunk, rant, teevee

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