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RACEBENDING.COM - promo shirts!
Thanks to Mike and Dariane for setting this up - we have new OFFICIAL t-shirts for sale at Blacklava! Our Zazzle store will still remain up to sell bumper stickers and postcards. But all t-shirts are now through Blacklava.

We print on American Apparel, which is a fair trade sweatshop-free organization - and comfy and cute as well! Their sizes do run small, though; so keep that in mind when you choose your size.

Thanks to BlackLava, 100% of proceeds go back to the and the LA Street Team. Funds are needed to maintain the web-site, purchase booth space at conventions, promotional material for distribution (fliers and flair), and further shirt printings.

Buy a shirt and support our cause!

Not that I think anyone on my flist would do this, but just in case you encounter it in your Halloween travails, you shouldn't feel weird to speak out about it:

Dressing up as another race for Halloween? Not a good idea.

No, this does not render the person who chose the costume is immediately a racist; it's the idea that is racist and they should be called on it. What do I mean by 'dressing up as another race'? Here is a helpful list of some Halloween costume no-nos:

- Native American/First Nations
- Blackface (yes, it's happened before). This includes Jamaican costumes.
- Geisha girl
- China doll
- Illegal Alien

I know this can be a touchy matter and after you've had a few shots of the Halloween punch, it might be difficult to retort to the compelling arguments of "You wouldn't be mad if I wore lederhosen!" and "It's just a Halloween costume; calm down!" - but! It's worth it to try. Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.

ETA: Yay, Stuff White People Do: suddenly get interested in non-white people whenever halloween comes around - perfect timing, oui?

ETA #2: It gets better! Disgrasian: Racist Halloween Costumes...for Pets. I don't even know. I don't.

ETA #3: ontd_political reposts Your Halloween Costume: A Bigot from source

ETA #4: Sociological Images ( posts about Racist Halloween Costumes. Straight to the point.
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