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glockgal vs Child torture victims vs Child Torture Victims
Yeah, I can't believe I had to write that out either. Seems in all its corporate neutrality has taken to taunting a survivor or child torture by arbitrarily giving and taking away her right to speak out...then blaming her for not following's ToS. So classy and mature, innit?

waywardradish needs help. First, has cow-towed to the whims of the so-called therapists, who murdered children in a grotesque process called Attachment Therapy. Now is treating a survivor - who's only goal is to contact other survivors and mete justice on their torturers - like nothing more than an animal. Like I said - CLASSY AND MATURE, WORDPRESS.COM.

She needs your help, and here are some ways you can do it.
1.) Read as much of her blog, before it's shut down completely again. Educate yourself.
2.) Write a brief email to ( to protest the censoring of child survivors. To make things even easier, here's some here's some template copy:
I strongly protest your continued interference with the journal It is a vital and invaluable resource for holding therapy survivors. The documentation it presents includes firsthand experiences, eyewitness accounts, and news, medical, and legal documents available to the public.

In suspending and/or removing this journal you are doing both the community and your own public image a severe disservice.

Holding therapy is abusive and lethal and aimed at children, who have no voice. Please give abuse survivors back their voice.
This is quick and easy and WORTH IT.
3.) Further info on how you can help.
4.) Please repost or link to this. The textbox is all my post, so you can C&P and edit at will.



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