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Amid the heady fannish joy, I'm taking a moment to be srs bsnz.

So USA Today released photos of both Noah Ringer (Aang) and Dev Patel (Zuko) from the movie.

USA Today caption: The Good Guy:Noah Ringer, 12, already had the look of Aang.

USA Today caption: The bad guy: Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel plays Zuko

What, no 'Patel already has the look of Zuko, because all Asians look the same and he's a bad guy anyway, so who cares' comment, Scott Bowles??

Aside from the painfully shoddy production value of these publicity photos, the fail of this is multiple. It's being discussed HERE.

<The peeps are urging fans and advocates to contact USAToday/Scott Bowles with emails regarding this 'article'. The details:

"Send comments to Include name, phone number, city and state for verification."
They prefer articles with 250 words or less. Jumping off ideas:

* The wording of using the "look of Aang"
* Good guy/bad guy coding in the article
* No mention of racefail casting practices
* The production's missteps, including culturally ignorant statements made by the cast and crew

Please, if you have the time, send something in. They can ignore one or two letters, but if two hundred people write them then they may feel like they need to print something. Please don't assume that other people will read this post and write in! And finally, please also ask others to write in as well!

Please please please! And thank you, so so very much. ILU all.

NICKELODEON PRE-VIS: what they actually intended
There has also been a pre-vis video released that showed how Nickelodeon intended the characters to look and it's pretty telling. It's all in 3D with some hastily assembled models and effects - the usual pre-vis teaser pitch.

Screencaps from the video (it keeps being removed from YouTube) have been posted on What strikes me most is Katara. Clearly her 3D version - even with its lack of modeling finesse - is NOT WHITE. The purposely used a darker skin colour and Inuit features.

Here, you don't even need to visit the site if you don't want to, check it out here:

Katara. She's played by a white actor.

Aang. He's played by a white actor.

Zuko. He's being played by a brown actor.

Now it's just a bunch of the same arguments over and over from commenters on the USA Today article, who have done absolutely know research into this movie, bu think they know everything about it and how people are cast and what colourblind means to them. Good times!

Props to the people commenting over at the IJ Scans_Daily, though. Yay!
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