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Updates! Lots of very very cool happenings:

MANAA and Paramount Pictures: Round 3?
Paramount Pictures finally responds to MANAA's letter. Claims their desire for ethnic diversity. Signed personally by 'The Producers'. MANAA replies, seeing right through 'The Producers' pretense and derailing.

We urge everyone who is protesting the casting to CONTACT MANAA via email, phone calls etc. They want to know that people are invested in this. Please help by showing them you care about diversity!

Margaret Cho
Eee she posts about The Last Airbender on her blog! SQUEEEE!!!

NYC Boycott Fan Meetup
This looks so cool. I hope some people can make it so I can live vicariously through you. :D
When: 5:30pm (sharp) to around 6:30pm Friday, April 24th, 2009
Where: Outside Starbucks, on the corner, connecting to the East Bank bank between the Canal Street (6) line and the Canal Street (J,M,Z) line.

There's a Facebook event for it HERE.

Much love to everyone who's still going strong! I'm right there with you. <3

(ps - my RL has been a little hectic lately, so comments have been disabled. But feel free to contact me if you need to).
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