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Reminder: The Last Airbender has put out a call for PoC as background roles.

aang_aint_white has the dates, times and locations on both HERE.

There's also now a Facebook event for the Flushing, NY protest, started up by sidepocket_pro who plans to attend. GO HERE If you live close/in Flushing, please consider joining in the protest!

Here's a really swell flyer from the FB event for people to print and distribute. Print/download them from here and here.

From a rather unfunny article in the Washington Post:
The producers are looking for actors of Mongolian, Cambodian or Laotian heritage, which suggests the filmmaker is responding to previous criticism from "Avatar" fans about the cast looking a little too Caucasian.
Responding? Responding how? By making sure everyone with non-speaking roles gets to be Asian, while the white actors save the world? Oh! Oh how GRACIOUS of them. Yeah, that's exactly what we want, thanks so much. *bows, bows, wags head, bows*

Honestly, I would have been less aggravated if they just cast everyone as white actors/extras and have done with it. But this is just insulting. This kind of response only serves to rub in my face just how much they believe only white actors in lead roles will bring in the $$$$$. I JUST. GYAH.

If you live nearby either Flushing or Arlington but you can't attend, please consider printing out the flyers over the weekend and posting them in public areas or leaving a pile of them in a public area? THANK YOU I LOVE YOU FOR IT!

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