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Man, I haven't done a Google search for 'aang-aint-white' in a long time, and yet it never fails to be full of fail.

I finally found a commenter who thinks racism is over (see comment 10). I feel like I should win a prize or something! I mean, I've joked about that whole "But we elected Obama! We're post-racism!" tripe, but I never thought I'd actually see it. Not only are we post-racial, but WW2 Japanese internment camps were fear-based (not racist!) and lynchings don't happen any more.

HAAHAHAH WHY ARE PEOPLE SO --. Anyway. I won't say what.

Even better, I also found the most confused reaction to Aang-Aint-White ever. I mean, is he for a diverse cast? Or is he against it? Or does he only approve of it if people agree with him and hate 'tangential liberals'? This is why Canadians get a bad rap - because they get angry about stuff, but then they flip-flop on points and therefore make NO POINT. The best part of this is that he's under the impression that the creator of aang_aint_white is...oh where's the quote, it's so gold...ah:
Except the chick who started the "Aang ain't white" movement on Youtube is white. The vast majority of people who I've seen up in arms about this are white. I've seen extremely little asian interest in this at all; because really most asians don't give a fuck about Avatar. Its fan-rage, and most of the fans of Avatar are pasty white kids. he saying that only Asian people should be angry about this? Or just white people who AREN'T fans of the show? Or....?

AHAHAHAHAAHAHAH WHY ARE PEOPLE SO ---. Right. Not gonna say it.

Now I'm gonna Google 'Avatar whitewash' and see what I can find! Wheeee.....?

-- Oh and to clarify, I've been using the royal 'We' in the past few Avatar-related posts. Not out of pretentiousness; I literally mean 'we' as in the core-group from AAW. It's truly been a group effort (massive stress on effort) and so I feel like I should be inclusive. :D Rah rah rah!

-- Over on racebending, there's an interesting discussion on Inuit Culture in the Last Airbender Movie. I figure some of you might wanna join in! I plan to as well, once I get my thoughts formulated, hehe.

-- And later, more on the East West Players, their group members and their upcoming production!
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