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Remember how right at the beginnng I offered to donate to MANAA if protest letters were mailed to Paramount Pictures? Well, in light of MANAA's letter to Paramount Pictures as well as all the enthusiasm and action that us regular people have been taking, I finally made the donation.


Oh Caramell Dansen. ILU.

An excerpt from MANAA's letter:
The Asian American community, and the movie-going public at large, is used to seeing Asian men depicted as villains and rarely get the opportunity to see Asian heroes they can get behind and cheer for. This is also an historic opportunity to give Asian American actors a chance to shine in a big-budget film franchise which would bolster their careers for future projects. You will get deserved credit for launching those careers and can break down barriers by understanding that the audience that loved the television series is ready (and expects) to see Asian Americans playing those characters on the big screen.
You can read the letter in full here, and their ongoing blog on this and other issues can be read here. We're thrilled that the MANAA has decided to become involved in this issue, and we look forward to seeing where that involvement may lead.

MANAA deserves a lot of love for taking on this cause, so if you have the time, be sure to drop them an email, thanking them for their ongoing efforts to communicate with Paramount Pictures: or

If you'd like to find out more ways to help out in stopping yellowface and white-washing in The Last Airbender, check out my previous blog post. We need your help more than ever!
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