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So there was an awesome little protest that happened over the weekend at the Philadelphia casting call by. Yes, it was only two people. But their story is amazing. Plus, it garnered enough attention for NY Press and LJ's own OhNoTheyDidn't to cover the story. This is a win.

In the mood for a little awareness-spreading? I have some suggestions-
New York ComicCon - Feb 6-8
Are you going? Please consider attending the Asian Americans and Super Heroes: Secret Identities panel and mention/inquire their opinions on the Avatar casting! Or yellowface in general. :D
Here's the info on the panel:
It seems as if Asians and Asian Americans have always been a significant part of comics. In fact, Detective Comics #1 featured the Fu Manchu-like villain Ching Lung on its historic cover. Like Ching Lung, however, Asians -- and by extension, Asian America

Saturday 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM, Room 1A18

Another Protest in Philly?
There's gonna be another casting call on February 7th in Philadelphia, from 10AM to 4PM at the Independence Hall Visitor Center - please consider attending! Details here.

Because really - this is the kind of things the casting agents will be looking for --
"We want you to dress in traditional cultural ethnic attire," [the casting director] said. "If you're Korean, wear a kimono. If you're from Belgium, wear lederhosen."
Yeah. She actually said this and has NO PROBLEM WITH IT BEING PUBLISHED.

If you can't attend but want to do something, consider Emailing the Daily Pennsylvanian's Editor, or commenting to that news report with your anger. The more the newspapers hear about this, the better!

I mean, we all know this. Also, he isn't a poor widdle innocent child actor, so I can slag him all I want. Actually, I was holding off quite well on personal Jesse-slagation, but then jaquenerd alerted me to a phone interview the fool had with an Arizona radio on The JohnJay Rich Show.

Listen to the mp3 to hear what he says! IT IS PURE NONSENSE. If you can't stand the sound of Jesse's absolute inane voice, thanks to the lovely jaquenerd we now can has transcript:

Emphasis is hers.

JohnJay: What’s going on with you in the movies and stuff? Are you still, I know you signed on for Chipmunks 2 and what else?</p>


Jesse McCartney (JM): Signed on for Chipmunks 2 and, um, I don’t think I’ve, I don’t think I’d actually had word on this ‘till after I saw you guys last, but I’m going to be in M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie, starring in M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie that we’re filming, uh, this March. [It’s] [c]alled “The Last Airbender.” Which is the first, uh, first part of a trilogy. Um, based on the anime series that was huge, like cartoon anime series called Avatar: The Last Airbender that was explosively huge in Asia. They brought it to the US and it was on for, like, three seasons, uhh….


JJ: I’ve watched it! It’s on Nickelodeon right now.


JM: On Nickelodeon, exactly. Yeah.


Rich: (Talking over Jesse) What’s it about?


JM: Yeah, three part series, and, uh, and I’m going to be playing Zuko. Which-Which is sort of, he’s kind of the evil prince. Um, the Fire Lord’s son. And M. Night’s directing, we’re going to Greenland to start shooting for three weeks.


Rich:  Whoa.


JM: And then we go to, uh, we go to Philly for two months and we, ah, we finish filming. It’s been crazy, I’ve been-Hey! JohnJay, you’ll like this, I’ve been in kung-fu, dude, for like, three hours a day. Like-


JJ: No way, dude!


JM: -Martial arts and stuff. Fighting with like, different ninjas, and, it’s crazy, man.


JJ: Dude that is awesome, man. 


RIch:  That movie’s gonna be great.


JJ:  Have you seen like, have you seen? Are you getting like, abs? Like, cut and stuff? Like kung-fu abs?


JM: Dude, like, it’s the best workout, like, ever. Like, three hours a day. Better than any, like, lifting workout, or any cardio workout. Like, it’s a lot of aerobics, and a lot of using muscles that you don’t usually use. It’s-You gotta try it, man. And it’s addictive. Like, I’ve, um, I’ll finish something, like I'll finish all these different sets. Like I’m in the middle of this double saber-sword set, and like, you get halfway through and you’re just like, “Man I gotta- this is so much fun.” And uh, you can see and feel the difference. Like, it’s a crazy workout.


Rich: Can you fight now? D’you think you can fight somebody with kung-fu?


JM: Oh yeah!


Rich: Really? Like Jack Black?


JM: Not-, no not-


Rich: Animation chipmunk, maybe Theodore against like, against Po?


JJ: Like in Kung-Fu Panda?


JM: Yeah well, Theodore knows Kung-fu too. He knows more kung-fu than I do.


All Hosts: (Snicker)


Rich: Now when’s that movie planning on coming out?


JM: I’m not sure exactly, to tell you the truth. I-They-I-I’m not sure if they’re gonna, they might go for, um, a Christmas release this year. Um, if they can get it together in time. I don’t know the answer to that.


Rich: Who else is in it?


JM: What’s that?


Rich: Who else is in it?


JM: It’s the same cast, as far as I know. I know that, uh…


JJ:  No no no no. The Avatar deal.


JM: Oh, oh. Oh! Oh, sorry. Yeah, in the Avatar film. There’s, um, there’s-I-uh-again, there’s only been, like, two people attached other than myself. Um, one of the, one of the people’s, uh, one of the girls, her name is Nicola. She’s been in a few films. I forget her last name but she’s…gorgeous, and she’s an amazing actress. And then, one of the guys from Twilight is, uh, gonna be, um, playing one of the other male roles. Jackson…? Again, I don’t remember his last name. This is all very recent, very new news.


Rich: That’s cool!


JM: Yeah.


Rich: (Cuts him off) You playing an evil Prince! I’m down with that.


Radio Chick (RC): Yeah…


JJ:  I think it sounds like it’s one of the first movies M. Night has done that’s not, like, his own. Like you could, you could, you know how you don’t know the endings in, mostly the twists to the M. Night movies.


JM: Right, right.


JJ: This, this…Clearly, he’s trying to do something completely different.


JM:  Well, no. It’s pretty much set up for him, you know? And, uh, he’s just got to make it his own. And, and Night is the best at that. You know when, like, you know he’s really good at that stuff. And, it’s, um, it’s pretty much laid out for him. There’s three parts to the movie, you know? There’s a beginning, middle and end,  and I just actually finished the script last night. Um, finished reading the first script, and, uh, it’s amazing, man. Like, it’s gonna be a crazy action packed. Like, just really entertaining type movie.


JJ: Well, and it’s going to already have a huge following. Here’s the thing what it says about you and your career is that, that, M. Night, dude, he works with just names, dude. He’s got Bruce Willis.


Rich: Hmm-hmm.


JJ: Samuel L. Jackson.


RC: Mark Wahlberg.


JJ:  Mark Wahlberg, Joaquin Phoenix. You know what I mean? Jesse McCartney, dude.


JM: He’s definitely one of the, you know, one of the biggest directors of our time right now. Like-


JJ:  (Cuts Jesse off) His last movie sucked, though.


RC: Hey, it doesn’t-!

JJ: That Happening movie bit.


RC: You had everybody talking about it, though.




RC: Whether you liked it or not, everyone was talking about it.


JJ: …Maybe at the end we find out you’re dead?


Rich: The whole time.


JJ: The whole time, Jesse was dead.


Rich: There was no evil prince?


Hosts: (Chuckle)


RC: That’s cold.

JJ: You know what’s funny, dude? Is that you’ve got those big eyes. You kind of look like one of those anime movies.


RC: Aww, he’s so cute! Well, you do have the anime, spiky hair.


JJ: Spike up the hair!


RC: They always have cute hair.


Rich: Yeah!


JJ: That’s a good call, dude. That was a good hire on their part. I-I-I agree. It was good.

JM: (Laughs)

JJ: Good job, man.

If you can't bear to read through the stupidity, here are some gems:
JESSE: like cartoon anime series called Avatar: The Last Airbender that was explosively huge in Asia. They brought it to the US and it was on for, like, three seasons, uhh...
JESSE: I’ve been in kung-fu, dude, for like, three hours a day. Like- Martial arts and stuff. Fighting with like, different ninjas, and, it’s crazy, man.
RADIO DJ: Can you fight now? D’you think you can fight somebody with kung-fu?
JESSE: Um, one of the, one of the people’s, uh, one of the girls, her name is Nicola. She’s been in a few films. I forget her last name but she’s...gorgeous, and she’s an amazing actress.
RADIO DJ #1: You know what’s funny, dude? Is that you’ve got those big eyes. You kind of look like one of those anime movies.
RADIO DJ #2: Aww, he’s so cute! Well, you do have the anime, spiky hair.


We have a lot of publicity and it's gaining more interest, so please, don't stop now!

The Cartoon Brew news and The Maykazine blog have written articles on Avatar White-Washing, yay!

Other places to contact:


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