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aang_aint_white has a new post Round Two: FIGHT! which has some great new information. Check it out!

I'm starting to get comments from people saying this now:
-- These crazy race-obsessed Avatar fans all hate these INNOCENT CHILD ACTORS. I pity the poor darlings. I'm so magnanimous! WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN

....okay. No fan is gonna hate the children. I'll repeat: NO FAN HATES CHILDREN. Any and all fan-anger is directed at the adults/companies responsible for casting the movie. Stop thinking you're a magnanimous martyred Guardian Angel of Child Actors. You're not, because NO FAN HATES CHILDREN.

djkfhdsjfhdfh I'm gonna go read the newest aang_aint_white post again to remind myself why I'm doing this......ah. Right.

Remember the awesomeness of this EW article? Now you have a way to send Nicole Sperling a response and a thank you! The more she knows how much people appreciate her attention to this, the more likely this issue will be addressed, so. Please please let her know!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY welcomes feedback:
fax: 212-467-1223
All correspondence must include your name, address, and daytime telephone number. Letters may be edited for clarity or length.

Thanks for the info, jedifreac!

A very cool YouTube Video by chaobunny comparing images from Avatar with some really awesome photos. It's really well done and so very perfect!

....and yet people still argue for an all-white main cast. I just. Just. Don't read the comments. *facepalms*
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