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Okay, so I'm back in the new year to concentrate on getting things organized for Azkatraz Art Activites (also known as Triple A! ...oh wait.) Aside from activities, I also really want to do a couple panels/workshops. HELP ME FIGURE STUFF OUT, PLEASE.

Fanart Drawing - LIVE!
- three digital fanartists take about 20 minutes per artist to draw something. They can take requests from the audience or have a character preplanned. Anyway, the set up would be a laptop, a tablet and a projector showing the in-progress drawing all big and pretty for everyone to admire.
FUN POTENTIAL - I'm under the impression that everyone likes to watch artists draw. Amirite? I know I do and I've had enough people peek over my shoulder when I draw, so.
HELP? - Yes, I need help on this! Any digital fanartists willing to sign up with me? It'll mean 20 minutes of your time to draw in front of a bunch of people.

Fanart Workshop!
- Generally I suck at these, because I rarely have a game plan. But I do like the idea of workshops and they're usually well-received. How to draw a character like Snape or Harry? How to watercolour? How to concept a character? Something?
FUN POTENTIAL - Probably a workshop geared towards fanartists, aspiring or otherwise.
HELP? - Again, yes please! Any ideas, suggestions, class outlines, etc? Anyone willing to co-workshop with me?

Fanart Prawn! (A panel for adults only)
- Yeah, really I just wanna do something that connects drawing adult art, both het and slash. A presentation or a panel or a roundtable or something. Topics can include things like: why draw smut? Is it the quick rise to fandom popularity? Het smut or slash smut - which is more visually appealing? Why is smut so prevalent in art? What makes smutart different (unique?) form smutfic? Is it pornography or is it art? How does fandom justify visual character objectification? Etc.
FUN POTENTIAL - Fandom loves porn. 'Nuff said.
HELP? - OH GOD YES. Even if this could be folded into a bigger discussion on adult fanworks, I wanna be part of it.

Fanart - Presense, Profession, Post-Fandom
- Now that the HP book series is over, what now for fanartists? HP has had undeniably one of the largest fanart communities during its fandom peak. Where to now? What other fandoms have this tight-knit and widespread a fanart base? How do artists use the HP fandom as a vehicle for their artistic profession - practice, commissions, school projects? How important is fanart to the HP fandom?
FUN POTENTIAL - None really. Maybe a cool presentation with images. Or maybe I'm just not very academic, lols.
HELP? - I just want to know if people would be interested in hearing about this?

Any other suggestions?

As for Art Activities, okay.
If you are attending Azkatraz, tell me which Art Activities you'd be interested in!
Poll #1327405 Azkatraz Art Activities

I am attending Azkatraz!


ARTISTS: Would you participate in...

Drawble Booth! People request things, you drawble it, squee ensues
Pictionidditch! It's like pictionidditch, just HP
Portfolio Showings! Show off your fanarts to adoring/curious fans
Portfolio Reviews! Have your art reviewed by a professional artist
Portfolio Reviewers! If you're a professional artist, take the time to share your wisdom
Fanartist Meet 'n Greet! Fanartists and fanart-lovers mingle and squee
Some other awesome fanart idea - comment!

FANDOM: Are you interested in...

Drawble Booths! Request drawbles from HP fanartists
Pictionidditch! No drawing experience required
Portfolio Showings! Admire your favourite fanartist's work
Fanartist Meet 'n Greet! Fanartists and fanart-lovers mingle and squee
Some other awesome fanart idea - comment!

On that note - the Azkatraz proposal deadline is JANUARY 30. So all your ideas on slash, ships, Snape and fandom in general - START PROPOSING THEM.

I think the silver lining in this whole LJ lay off thing is that I spent like two hours yesterday perusing randomly through eight years of glockgal, via the ljArchive tool. I kinda love remembering myself at 23, 25, 27....also, I used a lot of exclamation points. A LOT. Now it's all caps lock for me! Thanks LOLcats and Harry Book 5!

Anyway, eight years. I can't believe it's been that long, but there you go. I'm certainly not complaining!

Oh - I'm also feeling incredibly apathetic when it comes to online fandom. I've finished yuletart and I'm turning my focus to Azkatraz and of course The Last Airbender movie, but I think I'm entering another non-fandom phase. I've been doing major LJ-lurking since 01.01.09. It'll probably last a few months, no biggie. :D

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