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Wikipedia's Entry on Avatar references's report on Last Airbender white washing, which is fine by me because it provides so many links to the cause. Yay, Wiki!

Also, All Headline News and via AHN, iCelebs have made the news announcement as well. I know the report uses hot topic terms like 'racist' instead of 'discriminatory' or 'non-diverse', but. It's making news and this alone gives me hope. Also, they used my most geekerific quote possible. AHAHAH.

Also, some really nicely done background checks on Asians in Hollywood film:

-- White Avatars and Asian Men in the American Media - very scathing, but chock full of really great (and sometimes really painful) points.

-- On the Avatar Movie Mess, by ravenbell - a great summation of how much deeper this impact goes and the gross underrepresentation of Asians in films.

-- The real problems with casting white actors, posted on, dissects and sorts all the connections of Hollywood's infatuation with White hero, Asian world. Complete with disclaimer!

There have been a few cases of people's letters to both Paramount Pictures and Shyamalan's Blinding Edge Studios being Return to Sender. This is very frustrating to know that these letters which people have poured their hearts into are being rejected.

I want to say - don't be discouraged! Get angry; we're making the news, people ARE sitting up and taking notice. So the production companies want to pretend nothing's happening, until, defeated, we sit back down and shut up and accept it.

I say no.

Here's the discussion about what to do going on in aang_aint_white; in short - stay aware of the situation!!

-- The address to Kennedy and Marshall's company:
Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall
Kennedy/Marshall Company
619 Arizona Avenue, Fl. 2
Santa Monica, California 90401

(also, why do I get this image of Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall looking like those unholy studio execs from The Simpsons?)

Kathleen sez: 'We're losing male teens. Can you get jiggy with it?'
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