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It seems like every single post I make about Avatar: The Last Airbender casting ends up in people needing to share their experiences growing up as a social outcast and/or a survivor of abuse and/or victim of visual judgement. I've also seen a lot of demonstrations of subverted self-loathing and (the more amusing) claims from multiple people that they're the 'whitest-whitey-white to ever exist'. <--- Is this gonna be the next reality gameshow?? XD

I don't want to spiral every post I have about Avatar: The Last Airbender into discussions about race, racial identity, personal identity and social norms. I want to keep those posts focussed on the subject: The Last Airbender movie is being white-washed and I want to do and encourage others to do something about it.

However. I am VERY willing to acknowledge that everyone has a very unique story of their own to tell, and people are very interested in telling it. I respect that, because we are all unique and interesting in our own way (yes, even if you THINK you aren't interesting, you are. No really, YOU ARE.)

Therefore, I've created a post dedicated solely for this.

Share Your Identity
Whether related to the whole AVATAR miscast, or just in general when you have faced with racial or social issues, share them.

Tell me. Tell me how you've suffered, how you grew up, how you hate yourself, how you hurt, how you feel guilty, how you feel annoyed, how you experienced discrimination, how you face discrimination, how you've been mistreated, overlooked, judged wrongly, insulted, hated, hate. Tell me how you feel oppressed, repressed, unimpressed. How you experienced or feel social/racial segregation, isolation, repudiation, justification, manifestation, education. Tell me everything - get it out, and we can talk.

Also, if you think you're America's Next Whitest-White Person, show me whatcha got! THE WINNER GETS. A PUPPY. uh. (I'm joking; I just think it's hilarious how many people make this claim, heehehe)

And if you don't want to share with everyone, but you need an open ear, feel free to email me (glockgal AT or send me a private message over LJ. I don't mind.

I really do love to talk, even if online communication is one of the suckiest ways, I'll do my best to listen, sympathize and empathize. I am a PoC, I am a female and due to my environment and upbringing, yes - I also have a very open mind.

In this forum, it's a free-for-all!

My only rule is: PLEASE BEHAVE. Do not mock, dismiss or disdain. Feel free to point out, discuss and debate.

From now on, any comments on personal sharing made in further posts of Avatar: The Last Airbender will be directed here and the thread will be frozen. With love. ♥

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