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A post on health. I've never done this before, fwahaa.

A friend on LJ, a member of fandom has opened up a new blog regarding a form of 'therapy' (read: torture) that she experienced as a child. She has opened up this forum so it'll no longer be a secret to those who've survived or to those who had no clue this sort of horrible, inaccurately named 'attachment therapy' exists.

Be warned, it is not an easy thing to read, but it's something that everyone should.

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive...those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."



For her sense of safety, our fandom friend has chosen to remain anonymous.

I went to see a physiotherapist yesterday; I'd never ever gone to see one before and had no real idea wtf they did, but. I had been getting pain in my wrists and elbow during work and at home. I used to get sharp, stabby pains in my shoulder blades. I fixed myself some ghetto-ergonmics at work and it helped a lot; but I wanted to see the physiotherapist just in case.

I have such a fear of carpal tunnel. Such a fear.

Good news is, the awesome physio doctor said I was no where near to carpal tunnel. What I have is major flexibility (to the point of it not being good) coupled with minor strength, especially in my shoulders. What results is my elbows and wrists overcompensating, hence inflammation and pain.

She said this is the case with a lot of computer users and gave me all these pointers to help:

1) Strengthen your shoulders/upper back for endurance. If you want to learn a couple very easy exercises, let me know and I'll share them!
2) Ergonomics. We all know we should, but if you are an artist and want to protect your wrists, you simply
3) Digital artists: invest in a tablet. For the love of god! It'll decrease your mouse usage and alleviate some of the strain. Ask for it for your birthday or Christmas or something, but seriously - get a tablet.
4) Get up and stretch or walk every thirty minutes. I'm soooo guilty of sitting there for 6 hours straight without getting up. But humans aren't meant to sit for such long periods of time. Make sure you stand up, even if it's just to walk five steps and back.

I used to feel like I was pregnant, it was so bad. my tummy would be pressing hard against my pants and it was painful and degrading. So then my friend _happyd_ said her doctor told her to only eat warm food. Everything must be warm or hot - from the water you drink, to the fruit you eat (should be room temperature). Foods like yogurt were generally out, if eaten cold.

So I tried it out and. MY GOD. What a difference it makes! I love drinking hot water anyway, so that wasn't a problem. And planning my meals to ensure they are hot/warm/room temoerature is easier than you think. Now I am bloat-free! Woohooooooo!


Damn! Ran out of time to find/post BoB pics. Next time!
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