October 18th, 2010


WinCon wrap-up!

Back home after the fantastico shmantastico that is WinCon 2010. IT WAS SO AMAZING TO SEE FLOCKS OF FRIENDS AND FELLOW FANGIRLS AGAIN. It was one awesome and happy weekend.

As always, billions of hearts to my favourite ladies [personal profile] cathybites and [personal profile] loveflyfree. ILU both so hard.

Although I did next-to-nothing organization-wise for this fan-con - I just went as an attendee! ZOMG - Cathy and I did do the requisite 'We're here, so let's do a Fanart Thingie' panel. The theme was essentially How to Get Along with Fanartists. Here is post-credit for the examples and artworks that we used for the panel:

- Supernatural Game: White Dresses matching game by the amazing [personal profile] gnatkip
- Ficcusstrations: a comprehensive list of fanfics written for fanart by [personal profile] lizardspots
- Inception Pendant by [personal profile] wiccaqueen, for an example of crafts-as-fanart.
- Cities of Sand by [personal profile] tongari an Inception/Sandman crossover and a beautiful example of sequential art/art as narrative
- Cathydraws, the art community by [personal profile] cathybites

Self-indulgent Wincon anecdote:
During the Prom Night, I went for a drink of water and a couple people randomly and separately asked me if I was 'the artist who drew that Supernatural thing about the boys in Arizona' to which I drunkenly bawled "EEE YES, YES I DID HEEEEHEHEEEEE" and blushed (which no one could see, thank you brown skin!) and thanked them for enjoying it.

The best part was one of the lovely ladies kindly asked "And what's your name? On LJ?"

To which I said "Oh! I'm glockgal."

And this kinda thrilled me, like a lot. People know that desi!SPN comic - art that I am STILL ridiculously proud of creating - without knowing some 'glockgal' person. I just. And. omgwin. The end.

The other ending to this anecdote is that I'm kinda overjoyed that people still know and remember that comic, since the last time I drew it was July. Plus, my sister told me that it's also a nominated fandom for Yuletide 2010?!?! AIEEEEEEEEEE I've decided I need to continue with this beloved pet project. If anyone has cheeky ideas for Winchestgopal antics, please gimme a shout (glockgal AT gmail).

Thanks, everyone. Furreals.

http://glockgal.dreamwidth.org/387369.html#comments - comment on DW or on LJ. S'all good!