July 1st, 2010

atla: sokka draws

Sam and Dean Winchestgopal

I was wondering if it was worth posting more of this, and then I figured what the heck.
A warning though: I'm continuing the story without any grander scale, meta-satire. I just really liked the story. Proceed at your own risk.

ETA: Racebending Revenge Challenge is now LIVE!

When we were last with our favourite pair of demon-fighting brothers, they were deported to Mexico for driving-while-brown in Arizona. The story continues here...
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...okay here's a bit of meta-satire.
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1) Thanks to EVERYONE who commented on the first part. I was overwhelmed by the reception and all the positive feedback. What an amazing time to be in fandom.

2) And thanks to [personal profile] sheafrotherdon for the suggestion of Gina Torres as Castiel. Yay fanservice! XD

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