January 1st, 2010

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2009 Racebending Year in Summary

What a year it's been, full of ups and downs but in the end - a wonderful pile of ups. Thank you to my friendlist not just for supporting me, but for helping me sort out my own thoughts about racism, prejudice, privilege, silencing, ignorance, derailment and allies. Thank you to jedifreac and whosdamike for being so amazingly pro-active and spearheading racebending.com triumphs.

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racebending @ dragoncon '09
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racebending, JACL and MANAA protest the film The Goods. Paramount Pictures apologizes.
racebending protests the film The Weapon.

what results
APA Coalition Meets with Paramount Pictures
At a meeting with Paramount Pictures regarding the depictions of Asian Americans in The Goods, the Media Action Network for Asian Americans brings up the casting controversy over The Last Airbender.

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Roger Ebert
Tycho of Penny Arcade
Derek Kirk Kim
Gene Yang
Keith Chow
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Secret Asian Man
Margaret Cho
Balitang America

people who worked on the series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Giancarlo Volpe, Storyboard Director, Award-winning Director
Dao Le, Animatic Editor
Siu-Leung Lee, Cultural Consultant

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History of Yellowface
Paramount Pictures and Asian Americans: A Tarnished Legacy
Do Children See Race? and The Virtue of Colourblindness
Interviews with industry and social professionals.

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Boycott the movie The Last Airbender ! Nothing speaks louder than shutting our wallets.

Yellowface: A Documentary