December 2nd, 2009

fem - glockgal

the fanart love meme

credit to the original, because because because --

the ♥ fanart love ♥ meme

  • comment with your username and the fandoms you create fanart for.
  • people will comment telling you their favorite art by you, what character/pairing they think you best render visually, and other positive comments. they can also mention what they think you should create more art for, or anything else concerning what they like about your art-making.
  • pimp it it to your journal and/or fanartist comms.
  • this is a love meme. so no wank, no insults. please report any negative comments to me immediately.

SIDE NOTE TO FANARTISTS: this is open to ALL types of fanartists: illustrators, crafters, collagers, manippers, bakers, photographers, graphic makers...any one who considers themselves a fanartist!