September 10th, 2009

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I'm not really planning on watching any shows this Fall until they are released on DVD next summer (or in Merlin's case, dl), but for the sake of those who do, I still think this is a good reminder to everyone, just in case (cause we tend to forget things in lieu of excitement) -

spoiler cuts. they are of the good

For real - it can save a lot of WTFOMFGIH8U*DEFRENZ* to do a very simple <lj-cut text="SPOILER for blah blah"> on communities and yes! Even on your own journal. Cause yeah I know: omg it's your journal you can do whatcha want; but guess what? OTHER PEOPLE READ YOUR PUBLIC POSTS. That's, uh. That's how LJ works.

Speaks for itself, so.

Open Letter to Eric Kripke by Alaya Dawn Johnson.
Note: the opinions of a privileged white fan by zillahseye

Oh by the way - race and race issues in fandom? It's not wank. Just in case anyone felt it was, it's not. Capslock debates over what constitutes spoiler-alerts = wank. Insults over Bale!Batman vs Keaton!Batman = wank. Thousand-thread ship wars = wank. My colour or culture or presence in fandom does not equate to casual masturbation, thanks.