March 18th, 2009

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Oh my lovely flist - if you haven't seen the website yet, there is now a petition to sign! This petition will be printed out and hand-delivered to Paramount Pictures, MANAA and EWP, so it's not just a useless petition of uselessness. It can make a difference and it can bolster the cause.

The production made a choice. That choice sent a clear message:
"Children of Color: You are not good enough to play the hero, even if that hero shares your ethnicity."

More info about the petition, including the letter to Paramount in full.

Or, if you know you already rally against The Last Airbender casting, head on over and

ETA: if you want to use this image, feel free to hotlink. In this one case, I really don't mind people using my bandwidth, yay! \o/

Just as important - TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS PETITION! If each of you can get at least five people to sign this petition, it will make SUCH an incredible difference and you will totally deserve good karma, brownie points, a pat on the back and all the candy in the world! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you!

(isn't the new site gorgeous? Check out the pretty Press Release, squeeee! Our lovely web designer opal_skies is to thank. *love*)