February 26th, 2009

atla: cauc in asian

avatar: protest

Once again, The Last Airbender has put out a call for PoC in the background only. No Asians allowed as the three lead roles! Only in the background, non-speaking roles, people. Don't worry, the white people will save you from impending doom, that's how it's done.

aang_aint_white has the details on both HERE.

There's also now a Facebook event for the Flushing, NY protest, started up by sidepocket_pro who plans to attend. GO HERE If you live close/in Flushing, please consider joining in the protest!

Here's a really swell flyer from the FB event for people to print and distribute. Print/download them from here and here.

Quoted from AAW:
Paramount is trying to put a bandaid on this problem by casting Asian actors in minor, background roles, in a world that will still be saved by three white heroes. Now is the time to tell them that that isn't good enough.
Also, please remember The Language of Casting:
-- Caucasian, or other ethnicity for LEAD ROLES
-- Near and Far Eastern, Middle Eastern, Asian, Mediterranean and Latino. etc and now Chinese, Thai, Mongolian, Vietnamese etc for BACKGROUND AND EXTRAS.

Tell me again that this movie isn't fucking white-washed when it comes to the heroes? Tell me again how this movie is just OOOHHH FANTASY (AKA WHITE) and not Asian-based/diverse? Tell me again that I'm a bad fan for being angry at their blatant racism?

Damn it all. I am so angry all over again.