February 5th, 2009

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OMG people, I am so excited about the protest in Philly regarding the Feb 7th casting call which asks for extras who are:
Near and Far Eastern, Middle Eastern, Asian, Mediterranean and Latino.
Keep in mind that the casting call for the LEAD CHARACTERS was:
Caucasian, or any other ethnicity.
-- A wonderful explanation on The Language of Casting by the amazing vejiicakes

--Happy news: the Organization of Chinese Americans plan to attend the protest as well!! HOMG YAYE. For updates and to plan with others, check out AAW's Entry or the group on Facebook

I am really pleased that we have dealt with this surprise!recast that Paramount has tossed at us and we have remained unified. High five to all of us! As always, aang_aint_white says it best - A Step in the Right Direction...But We Have a Long Way to Go! For any thoughts that people may have about Zuko being an anti-hero and therefore not cast as 'brown evil guy' against 'good white people', consider this (quoth jedifreac):
"He becomes a hero, then, by rejecting his brown daddy and his brown daddy's invading horde, after the white heroes teach him the error of his ways? This is going to be so awkward."
Because exactly. EXACTLY.

Also, there's a great article written at The Kosmopolitan Online examining Hollywood Whitewash in the Era of Change. Great stuff!

Off the topic of Avatar casting, but still interesting to note that the market audience The Last Airbender is targeting, they look up to this:

I mean, not that I expect much - if anything - useful or constructive from Miley Cyrus, but did she have to go and be downright destructive?? Unbelievable how many reasons why people are defending her actions. Don't read the comments in the Gather.com article. Just, don't.