January 29th, 2009

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Yellow (and brown)-face: A History in Pictures by vejiicakes.
- This is interesting and educational! Film buffs, history nerds and social Americana geeks - ENJOY. I certainly did. Our memories are selective, I understand. And now, here's a great at way to answer the question 'What's the big deal? It's just one movie'.

Yellowface by Gene Yang.
- Seriously, just go look at the blog if only to see that drawing of Aang in yellowface. It is. It. I just. It so perfectly sums up all my frustrations and horror when people think skin colour is just about getting a tan. WIN ALL ROUND!

Also, the people involved in the making of The Last Airbender are consistently proving themselves to be so moronic, (see also Jesse McCartney and Jackson Rathbone) I feel like I don't even need to argue anymore. They're showing their regard/interest in cultural respect quite well --
"It doesn't mean you're at a disadvantage if you didn't come in a big African thing. But guys, even if you came with a scarf today, put it over your head so you'll look like a Ukrainian villager or whatever."

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