December 16th, 2008

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AVATAR: Publicity Wanted!

It's the publicity post!

As with everything else in our modern world, publicity is the way to get noticed. I've started with the most obvious venues - online new sites and newsblogs, specifically those that enjoy a good Entertainment-related story.

So, as with the aang_aint_white letter-writing campaign, please help me with getting this on some outside sources! Frankly, I think you can write a more eloquent email than I can, so PROVE ME RIGHT.

Media POSTED! (Fandom section): POSTED! Annemarie Moody(News Editor), Editor-in-Chief: (or toronto, montreal, calgary, halifax, etc) --lol automated response. I'm gonna keep trying.


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In the emails to Canadian sites, I gave a sentence explaining why I thought it was an important issue for Canadians. Something about beady eyes and flappy heads.

Frankly, I think you can write a more eloquent email than I can, so if you have the time, please do so! And if you have more news sites/blogs that might be interested in this story, let me know and I'll add them to my list.

In the meantime:
We'll let the show speak for itself.

aang_aint_white: Many people have been telling us we shouldn't be offended. And of all the arguments we've been presented with this past week, the most common is also the most surprising: "These characters look white to me."

For those of you who're interested in this issue but not familiar with the show, and for those fans who want a reminder of what we're fighting to preserve: an essay in images, spanning the length of the series and ending as the show itself tellingly chose to.

It's stunning, to see this, truly. It reminds me how much time and effort went into making this world so rich in design, concept, costuming and colours. This is why it means so much to me.

And if you still have doubts after looking at the visual evidence, keep reading the comments.