November 15th, 2007

fem - glockgal


How much do I love the new 'edit comment' feature that LJ's sporting? Thos Thsi Tihs much. XD

Also, I feel like a total wretched cad for my last post. Hey Glock, let's see how sad and unhappy you can make people about their art! It isn't enough for artists to beat themselves up constantly over their art skills, I think it'll be better to create a public forum over which to self-flagellate. Yeah. Isn't that a GREAT idea? GOOD JOB, WINNER.

In order to correct my heinous mistake, I'm turning this post into a Fanart Love Meme of sorts. Oh wait --

Fanartist Love Meme

There, that's better.

1) ARTISTS: Comment with your name and say why you love your own art/making art.
2) EVERYONE ELSE (artists and art-lovers)!! Reply to artists to add further why you love their art. This isn't a personal-love meme, it is ALL ABOUT THE ART.
3) PIMP! As my last post indicates, artists are delicate like puppies or kittens or puptins. Spread the love, instant karma; you know the drill.

I fully expect everyone who commented on the last post to comment on this one. FULLY. EXPECT. *looks stern and task-misstressy*

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