September 21st, 2006

fem - glockgal

Feedback poll! And Spartan whinery.

Have you ever received feedback for a fanwork (fic, art, icon, wallpaper, etc) that you've posted on LJ?
Ask your friends to take this poll! Inquiring minds (aka my mind) needs to know this stuff...for no reason.

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So. I don't know how much you guys know about my love for the battle of Thermopylae, specifically Steven Pressfield's novel Gates of Fire. I know it's all non-novel and paperbacky, but I looove it. Loooove.

That said, my seester pointed me towards 300, based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller (Sin City = yay! everything else = blah,grr,argh) regarding the very same battle.

And so. Gerard Butler and David Wenham. But I watched the trailer for 300 and I'm just like...hmm. I love this battle, and I'm guessing that they're trying to aspire for a very graphic-novely-combined-with-historical FEEL, but. Hmm. I feel torn.

And kind of disappointed. I really wish they'd get Gates of Fire made into a movie instead! Like a good movie, unlike Timeline.
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