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FIC REC: Harry/Padma

Just popping in to say that my smutty_claus gift was posted today and it is THE BESTEST FIC I'VE READ IN FOREVER, KDJFHDSFKJSHFDJKD and I recommend it to everyone, forever and ever.

Title: Inferi of London
Author: Anonymous
Pairing: Harry Potter/Padma Patil
Summary: The victims of the Battle of Hogwarts aren't even cold when powerful necromancy sweeps the nation; Harry can't fight this new enemy on his own.
Rating: NC-17
Length: 8,700 words
Warnings: Character death (not Harry or Padma), possible disturbing content, AU
Author's notes: Thank you to my beta for helping me polish this. Several paragraphs taken directly from Deathly Hallowsglockgal, you had some great prompts for me to pick from and I really hope you enjoy this!

(btw, I thought I mentioned this already, but I'm pretty much on Tumblr right now. Because of reasons. http://glockgal.tumblr.com)

<3 <3 <3
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Every first Tuesday of the month (for the next four months), we will be hosting a fantastic giveaway for fans of the new Murdoch Mysteries webseries: Curse of the Lost Pharaohs – a peak into Constable George Crabtree's diary.

Win a copy of the screenplay for the first ever episode of Curse of the Lost Pharaohs, signed by writer Patrick Tarr and Yannick Bisson (Inspector Murdoch.)

All you have to do is:
1.) Retweet the following link:
http://bit.ly/murdochcurse with hashtag #COTLP

and include
2.) the answer to the following question: 
What is the mummy seen wearing at the end of the first episode?

By Monday, June 13th 2011 at midnight EST 
Watch the first episode tonight!

Winner will be chosen at random.
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Just wanted to give ye olde fliste a head's up about racebending.com, which has been revamped and streamlined for better usage.


Credit for the gorgeous redesign goes to racebending.com's organizer and co-founder Marissa Lee. Her hard, dedicated work on the redesign and the site content is just amazing. And kudos to the racebending.com supporters and organizers who also added further content to the site!

Please take some time to flip through the website and learn more about discrimination in film!
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drawble bribery!

idea/wording nicked from ani_bester's OP:

I have pairings/fandoms that I like that sadly, are not drawn that often. I accept this, but I can't deny that when I see them written or drawn, it fills me with glee.

Therefore, in an effort to get more of what I want, I want to give you something you want. YES THIS IS A BRIBE.

In exchange for a drabble or a drawble from one of my favorite fandoms/pairings, I will give you a drawble of one of your favorite fandoms/pairings!

Here's how it'll work:

1) comment with your choice from my list, and let me know what you'd like me to draw for you!
2) list is in order of what I want mostest
3) Some of the characters I list as pairings (separated by a '/') but I'm VERY happy to have gen stuff as well!
4) I don't want smutty stuff, but I'm happy to draw smutty stuff for you!
5) I will draw ANY FANDOM provided you give me some references/places to get references for fandoms I'm unfamiliar with.
6) absolutely no deadline on this
7) there can be repeats!!

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WinCon wrap-up!

Back home after the fantastico shmantastico that is WinCon 2010. IT WAS SO AMAZING TO SEE FLOCKS OF FRIENDS AND FELLOW FANGIRLS AGAIN. It was one awesome and happy weekend.

As always, billions of hearts to my favourite ladies [personal profile] cathybites and [personal profile] loveflyfree. ILU both so hard.

Although I did next-to-nothing organization-wise for this fan-con - I just went as an attendee! ZOMG - Cathy and I did do the requisite 'We're here, so let's do a Fanart Thingie' panel. The theme was essentially How to Get Along with Fanartists. Here is post-credit for the examples and artworks that we used for the panel:

- Supernatural Game: White Dresses matching game by the amazing [personal profile] gnatkip
- Ficcusstrations: a comprehensive list of fanfics written for fanart by [personal profile] lizardspots
- Inception Pendant by [personal profile] wiccaqueen, for an example of crafts-as-fanart.
- Cities of Sand by [personal profile] tongari an Inception/Sandman crossover and a beautiful example of sequential art/art as narrative
- Cathydraws, the art community by [personal profile] cathybites

Self-indulgent Wincon anecdote:
During the Prom Night, I went for a drink of water and a couple people randomly and separately asked me if I was 'the artist who drew that Supernatural thing about the boys in Arizona' to which I drunkenly bawled "EEE YES, YES I DID HEEEEHEHEEEEE" and blushed (which no one could see, thank you brown skin!) and thanked them for enjoying it.

The best part was one of the lovely ladies kindly asked "And what's your name? On LJ?"

To which I said "Oh! I'm glockgal."

And this kinda thrilled me, like a lot. People know that desi!SPN comic - art that I am STILL ridiculously proud of creating - without knowing some 'glockgal' person. I just. And. omgwin. The end.

The other ending to this anecdote is that I'm kinda overjoyed that people still know and remember that comic, since the last time I drew it was July. Plus, my sister told me that it's also a nominated fandom for Yuletide 2010?!?! AIEEEEEEEEEE I've decided I need to continue with this beloved pet project. If anyone has cheeky ideas for Winchestgopal antics, please gimme a shout (glockgal AT gmail).

Thanks, everyone. Furreals.

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Sam and Dean Winchestgopal

I was wondering if it was worth posting more of this, and then I figured what the heck.
A warning though: I'm continuing the story without any grander scale, meta-satire. I just really liked the story. Proceed at your own risk.

ETA: Racebending Revenge Challenge is now LIVE!

When we were last with our favourite pair of demon-fighting brothers, they were deported to Mexico for driving-while-brown in Arizona. The story continues here...
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...okay here's a bit of meta-satire.
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1) Thanks to EVERYONE who commented on the first part. I was overwhelmed by the reception and all the positive feedback. What an amazing time to be in fandom.

2) And thanks to [personal profile] sheafrotherdon for the suggestion of Gina Torres as Castiel. Yay fanservice! XD

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The Last Airbender

Google reviews for The Last Airbender as see for yourself.
From my amazing co-activist Mike - The Last Airbender: Pre-Screening
What's left? It feels like Noah Ringer, Nicola Peltz, and Dev Patel are hanging out in front of the camera, telling you about all the cool stuff they saw while watching the television series.

From my excellent co-organizer buddy [profile] jedifreac - Preliminary Thoughts on Race and Gender in The Last Airbender
Minna: And then there's this scene where Aang meets an "Old Man in a Temple," who is this friendly old Asian mentor stereotype who is all affectionate to him and then backstabs him! It is a twist! And then there was the scene with the East Asian masseuse. Since they cut Suki out--even after bragging about including an Asian actress to play this character--that means that the most prominently featured East Asian actress was a woman giving a foot massage. What is wrong with these people? Even after all the accusations of racefail, they throw in that unnecessary stereotype. And what was up with the "African American" village?

Ken: They weren't African American. They were African.

Minna: No...M. Night said they were African American and that he didn't have to include them, but he did, to be diverse.

From my awesome sister [personal profile] bossymarmalade - but we must always be polite about it
Do you think he even recognizes that he's not the hero and never will be? He's already learned from the media and society that the darker you are, the scarier you are; when will he start recognizing his face reflected back only as villain, as joke fodder, as exotic backdrop?

From Roger Ebert (his review is up as well) - Face Painting
The studios underlying assumption about marketability and acting capability of White over Asian actors is insulting, and to claim that their production is “diverse” because they cast Asians as secondary and supporting characters ignores the bigger issue at hand – the starring, main Asian characters are portrayed by White actors instead of Asian actors.

I'll clarify my stance on all of this:

- I am not happy this movie was made the way it was. I am a fan of the television series and if there was anything I would have loved, it would be an awesome Avatar: The Last Airbender movie spearheaded by an Indian-American director with actors of colour as the lead, protagonist, heroes.
- I desperately wish this movie was one I could have adored as much as I loved the series.
- I sincerely hope the best for all of the actors in this mess of a movie, particularly the kids (Ringer, Peltz and Patel).
- I place all of the blame for every bit of this film's failure - from the casting, to the discrimination, to the script, to the marketing ploys - on the shoulders of Frank Marshall, Paramount Pictures and Shyamalan.
- I had once been willing to give Shyamalan the benefit of the doubt, but since he has given me no respect, I feel inclined to return in kind.

Of course there will still be people who won't read the reviews and prefer to pay for this film and judge the movie for themselves. Here is my one last plea to boycott this film, for reasons that might have nothing to do with you but has everything to do with the story of 'the other'.

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