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03 April 2020 @ 03:48 pm

Most posts are locked, but some are public.

Other places I frequent:
My fanart: glockart
Protest racism in film: racebending
Artist helping artists: artbeta
Fanart holiday exchange: yuletart

television show reviews by women: girlsonscreen.com

EMAIL: glockgal AT gmail.com
13 September 2012 @ 10:03 am


Note: Yuletart isn't affiliated with Yuletide, but we sure do love 'em over there. ♥

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10 December 2011 @ 11:27 am
Just popping in to say that my smutty_claus gift was posted today and it is THE BESTEST FIC I'VE READ IN FOREVER, KDJFHDSFKJSHFDJKD and I recommend it to everyone, forever and ever.

Title: Inferi of London
Author: Anonymous
Pairing: Harry Potter/Padma Patil
Summary: The victims of the Battle of Hogwarts aren't even cold when powerful necromancy sweeps the nation; Harry can't fight this new enemy on his own.
Rating: NC-17
Length: 8,700 words
Warnings: Character death (not Harry or Padma), possible disturbing content, AU
Author's notes: Thank you to my beta for helping me polish this. Several paragraphs taken directly from Deathly Hallowsglockgal, you had some great prompts for me to pick from and I really hope you enjoy this!

(btw, I thought I mentioned this already, but I'm pretty much on Tumblr right now. Because of reasons. http://glockgal.tumblr.com)

<3 <3 <3
Every first Tuesday of the month (for the next four months), we will be hosting a fantastic giveaway for fans of the new Murdoch Mysteries webseries: Curse of the Lost Pharaohs – a peak into Constable George Crabtree's diary.

Win a copy of the screenplay for the first ever episode of Curse of the Lost Pharaohs, signed by writer Patrick Tarr and Yannick Bisson (Inspector Murdoch.)

All you have to do is:
1.) Retweet the following link:
http://bit.ly/murdochcurse with hashtag #COTLP

and include
2.) the answer to the following question: 
What is the mummy seen wearing at the end of the first episode?

By Monday, June 13th 2011 at midnight EST 
Watch the first episode tonight!

Winner will be chosen at random.
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07 March 2011 @ 08:39 am

Just wanted to give ye olde fliste a head's up about racebending.com, which has been revamped and streamlined for better usage.


Credit for the gorgeous redesign goes to racebending.com's organizer and co-founder Marissa Lee. Her hard, dedicated work on the redesign and the site content is just amazing. And kudos to the racebending.com supporters and organizers who also added further content to the site!

Please take some time to flip through the website and learn more about discrimination in film!
28 February 2011 @ 12:18 pm
idea/wording nicked from ani_bester's OP:

I have pairings/fandoms that I like that sadly, are not drawn that often. I accept this, but I can't deny that when I see them written or drawn, it fills me with glee.

Therefore, in an effort to get more of what I want, I want to give you something you want. YES THIS IS A BRIBE.

In exchange for a drabble or a drawble from one of my favorite fandoms/pairings, I will give you a drawble of one of your favorite fandoms/pairings!

Here's how it'll work:

1) comment with your choice from my list, and let me know what you'd like me to draw for you!
2) list is in order of what I want mostest
3) Some of the characters I list as pairings (separated by a '/') but I'm VERY happy to have gen stuff as well!
4) I don't want smutty stuff, but I'm happy to draw smutty stuff for you!
5) I will draw ANY FANDOM provided you give me some references/places to get references for fandoms I'm unfamiliar with.
6) absolutely no deadline on this
7) there can be repeats!!

My List!Collapse )
18 October 2010 @ 10:13 am
Back home after the fantastico shmantastico that is WinCon 2010. IT WAS SO AMAZING TO SEE FLOCKS OF FRIENDS AND FELLOW FANGIRLS AGAIN. It was one awesome and happy weekend.

As always, billions of hearts to my favourite ladies [personal profile] cathybites and [personal profile] loveflyfree. ILU both so hard.

Although I did next-to-nothing organization-wise for this fan-con - I just went as an attendee! ZOMG - Cathy and I did do the requisite 'We're here, so let's do a Fanart Thingie' panel. The theme was essentially How to Get Along with Fanartists. Here is post-credit for the examples and artworks that we used for the panel:

- Supernatural Game: White Dresses matching game by the amazing [personal profile] gnatkip
- Ficcusstrations: a comprehensive list of fanfics written for fanart by [personal profile] lizardspots
- Inception Pendant by [personal profile] wiccaqueen, for an example of crafts-as-fanart.
- Cities of Sand by [personal profile] tongari an Inception/Sandman crossover and a beautiful example of sequential art/art as narrative
- Cathydraws, the art community by [personal profile] cathybites

Self-indulgent Wincon anecdote:
During the Prom Night, I went for a drink of water and a couple people randomly and separately asked me if I was 'the artist who drew that Supernatural thing about the boys in Arizona' to which I drunkenly bawled "EEE YES, YES I DID HEEEEHEHEEEEE" and blushed (which no one could see, thank you brown skin!) and thanked them for enjoying it.

The best part was one of the lovely ladies kindly asked "And what's your name? On LJ?"

To which I said "Oh! I'm glockgal."

And this kinda thrilled me, like a lot. People know that desi!SPN comic - art that I am STILL ridiculously proud of creating - without knowing some 'glockgal' person. I just. And. omgwin. The end.

The other ending to this anecdote is that I'm kinda overjoyed that people still know and remember that comic, since the last time I drew it was July. Plus, my sister told me that it's also a nominated fandom for Yuletide 2010?!?! AIEEEEEEEEEE I've decided I need to continue with this beloved pet project. If anyone has cheeky ideas for Winchestgopal antics, please gimme a shout (glockgal AT gmail).

Thanks, everyone. Furreals.

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01 July 2010 @ 10:28 pm
I was wondering if it was worth posting more of this, and then I figured what the heck.
A warning though: I'm continuing the story without any grander scale, meta-satire. I just really liked the story. Proceed at your own risk.

ETA: Racebending Revenge Challenge is now LIVE!

When we were last with our favourite pair of demon-fighting brothers, they were deported to Mexico for driving-while-brown in Arizona. The story continues here...
Supernatural! Part 2 of 'what do you want? for people to write the J2 as POC in these fics?'Collapse )

...okay here's a bit of meta-satire.
Supernatural! Part 3: Sympathy for the FangirlCollapse )

1) Thanks to EVERYONE who commented on the first part. I was overwhelmed by the reception and all the positive feedback. What an amazing time to be in fandom.

2) And thanks to [personal profile] sheafrotherdon for the suggestion of Gina Torres as Castiel. Yay fanservice! XD

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30 June 2010 @ 11:00 am
Google reviews for The Last Airbender as see for yourself.
From my amazing co-activist Mike - The Last Airbender: Pre-Screening
What's left? It feels like Noah Ringer, Nicola Peltz, and Dev Patel are hanging out in front of the camera, telling you about all the cool stuff they saw while watching the television series.

From my excellent co-organizer buddy [profile] jedifreac - Preliminary Thoughts on Race and Gender in The Last Airbender
Minna: And then there's this scene where Aang meets an "Old Man in a Temple," who is this friendly old Asian mentor stereotype who is all affectionate to him and then backstabs him! It is a twist! And then there was the scene with the East Asian masseuse. Since they cut Suki out--even after bragging about including an Asian actress to play this character--that means that the most prominently featured East Asian actress was a woman giving a foot massage. What is wrong with these people? Even after all the accusations of racefail, they throw in that unnecessary stereotype. And what was up with the "African American" village?

Ken: They weren't African American. They were African.

Minna: No...M. Night said they were African American and that he didn't have to include them, but he did, to be diverse.

From my awesome sister [personal profile] bossymarmalade - but we must always be polite about it
Do you think he even recognizes that he's not the hero and never will be? He's already learned from the media and society that the darker you are, the scarier you are; when will he start recognizing his face reflected back only as villain, as joke fodder, as exotic backdrop?

From Roger Ebert (his review is up as well) - Face Painting
The studios underlying assumption about marketability and acting capability of White over Asian actors is insulting, and to claim that their production is “diverse” because they cast Asians as secondary and supporting characters ignores the bigger issue at hand – the starring, main Asian characters are portrayed by White actors instead of Asian actors.

I'll clarify my stance on all of this:

- I am not happy this movie was made the way it was. I am a fan of the television series and if there was anything I would have loved, it would be an awesome Avatar: The Last Airbender movie spearheaded by an Indian-American director with actors of colour as the lead, protagonist, heroes.
- I desperately wish this movie was one I could have adored as much as I loved the series.
- I sincerely hope the best for all of the actors in this mess of a movie, particularly the kids (Ringer, Peltz and Patel).
- I place all of the blame for every bit of this film's failure - from the casting, to the discrimination, to the script, to the marketing ploys - on the shoulders of Frank Marshall, Paramount Pictures and Shyamalan.
- I had once been willing to give Shyamalan the benefit of the doubt, but since he has given me no respect, I feel inclined to return in kind.

Of course there will still be people who won't read the reviews and prefer to pay for this film and judge the movie for themselves. Here is my one last plea to boycott this film, for reasons that might have nothing to do with you but has everything to do with the story of 'the other'.

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21 June 2010 @ 09:45 am
cidercupcakes discusses an issue: 'it is not the duty of marginalized people to educate privileged people, or to fit some gold standard of "niceness" in calling them out on their privilege'

Actually, while I fully 100% support what Cider is referring to (ie the erasure of a character's canon Jewishness by replacing it with Catholicism), her post translates to another important discussion of privilege that's recently surfaced on my flist.

I am tired of people complaining that 'privilege' is a word that makes them sick or sad or angry or annoyed or bored or omg too PC!!! or hypocritical or one of a dozen dismissal tactics that concurrently dismisses real, actual people. Hey - if you really do prefer to consciously dismiss other humans, then I'm have no interest in knowing you.

I'm unlocking a previous post for the sake of this one. Privilege, and its Wacky Cousin....Intersectionality!.
- most people who rail against the concept of privilege refuse to learn the concept of intersectionality. So essentially, they're being self-righteous about half an idea. Why? Why would they do this? Possibly because it's easier to do so, since then the becomes All About Them and How Hurt They Are by people talking about privilege? It's preferable to remain ignorant and not learn, because it's just too hard to analyse yourself? I don't know.

(sadly, I'm fairly sure people who need to learn and educate themselves won't be reading any of these posts. As I said - it's easier to remain hostage to one's own unchecked privilege.)



Why boycott The Last Airbender? From ssj10, her reasons: These Are My Colours*

(*While racebending.com does not encourage illegal downloading, I personally feel that's your choice.)

A friend recently mentioned that they wanted to see The Last Airbender on the big screen, because its trailers looked cool and it occured to me that they're probably not the only one. Here is my suggestion.

Wanna see The Last Airbender on the big screen?

Okay. Then how about this --

1) Try not to go on opening weekend.
2) Buy a movie ticket for another movie (Karate Kid? Toy Story 3?). You are sill paying for a movie, so you are being honest to the theatre, and to yourself.
3) Encourage your friends to do the same
4) Sate your curiousity, watch TLA

That's my suggestion.
15 June 2010 @ 10:56 pm
So in my previous post, [personal profile] silviakundera was like:
"(on a sorta related note: someone on the anon meme was like, "what do you want? for people to write the J2 as POC in these fics?" and I thought, 'heeeeey. wait. PEOPLE COULD DO THAT. (okay, on second thought, they would probably do awful things with it. but the idea! ) except wait--you were joking? so, why not? come on, don't tell me that's deviating from "canon" more than jared being a mermaid or jensen being a submissive ship captain IN SPACE.' I love how THAT's a total random and implausible suggestion--making the J2 actual participants in these cultures people want to write about, instead of sparkly white journalists)"

-- and really what I got from it was "what do you want? for people to write the J2 as POC in these fics?" and "heeey wait. PEOPLE COULD DO THAT" combined with the fact that my mind is currently full of the awesome that is The Racebending Revenge Ficathon --

And yeah. Stuff happened.

racebending Supernatural. is this what you want?Collapse )

Hm, well. That didn't go too well for Sam and Dean. Guess I'll try again later?


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27 May 2010 @ 08:40 am
Day 16 - A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

There was a time in my life when 'Never Had a Friend Like Me' from Aladdin was guaranteed to make me cry.  For those who saw it - you remember that scene?  There's Aladdin, stuck in the cave with a monkey, and doing a half-hearted job trying to clean the stupid lamp he stole from the stupid cavern to give to that stupid old man - when lo and behold, Mrs Doubtfire pops out and proceeds to do bizarre character impressions from her comic routine that she's been practicing for the past, say, 3000 years.  It might be a tad dated.

Now Aladdin is savvy and has his doubts about Dr Patch Adams. Is he really a genie? Can he do more than hokey impressions of tv celebrities? What exactly IS a genie anyway? Undaunted, Patch is determined to demonstrate to the puny mortal, not just his interweb-sized familiarity of entertaining facts, but also that he happens to have AWESOME COSMIC POWERS. And even better, that he's inherently tied to Aladdin's plot fate (although this is an Arabic story and Islamic faith can be a little meh about predestination and fortune-telling...but Aladdin is a good lad and listens politely anyway).

So, Jumanji launches into the kick-starter song, typical to Disney animated features - songs like 'Under the Sea' or 'Be Our Guest' or 'Just Can't Wait to be King', which utilize peppy, energetic-bordering-on-frenetic singing and choreography to propel the protagonist into a life-changing decision.  Jumanji spares no expense in creating an affectionate fanfare, a tribute to a potentially long-lasting BFF relationship with puny mortal Aladdin.

The song 'Never Had a Friend Like Me' earnestly and desperately tries to convince Aladdin just how much the genie needs and loves him (Aladdin, for the record, remains unimpressed and dupes poor Teddy Roosevelt...but Teddy is a sport and gets over it, for the sake of friendship) - and beneath all the hilarious in-jokes and rapid-fire pop culture references, 'Never Had a Friend Like Me' hums plea of loneliness, something sweet and intent on showing one creature trying all sorts to assure a puny mortal that they are, indeed, worthy of a friendship.

Is this song really about friensdship though? Aladdin, being a good little diamond in the rough, of course sees that friendship is a two-way street - but the idea that with every single puny mortal (some with debatable morals) John Keating has to haul out this song and dance routine and say self-esteem-damaging things like: What will your pleasure be?/Let me take your order, jot it down/You ain't never had a friend like me, no no no and You're the boss, the king, the shah/Say what you wish, it's yours...it's rather heart-rending and painful to see Keating deliver such a debasing song, with such earnest hope.

It's not easy the other way either.  For Aladdin - who is living in a very stringent classist empire - the very notion of having someone - anyone - who immediately purports support, love and loyalty  (not the mention that they happen to have AWESOME COSMIC POWERS) can be overwhelming. True to his upbringing, he initially treats the genie with a combination of suspicion and nonchalance. But underneath his street-sense, you know Aladdin is thrilled to see that someone - even someone like Mork - wants to be his friend.

And yeah, sometimes I cry thinking about this and their attempt at something real, honest, affectionate, initiated immediately by the theme that 'You ain't never had a friend like me'. What a wonderful idea, true friendship is.

ETA: people may think I'm thinking WAY too much about a Disney song I'd heard a thousand times before but then suddenly found it oh, so Spechul - but you gotta understand that I tend to get extremely emotional about themes of camaraderie, family, loyalty and trust. I attribute it to a past life or something.

Read the lyrics: Never Had A Friend Like MeCollapse )

30 Days of Me MemeCollapse ) http://glockgal.dreamwidth.org/372962.html#comments - comment on DW or on LJ. S'all good!
14 May 2010 @ 12:25 pm

In a brief respite for the 30 Days of Me meme, a couple worthwhile links:
[personal profile] halcyonjazz - On Girls
if that character were written as a boy, would you have a problem?

[profile] racebending - This Month in Asian Americans in Comics -
characters of color and actors of color are less likely to take precedence, be the main character, to be vital to the stories being told. This isn't a coincidence, it's an ongoing trend.

ETA oh wow one more. Oh WOW.

[personal profile] shewhohashope - In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night
White supremacy is not just for white nationalists, it's so embedded in our culture that people can't imagine seeing it unless one was looking for it.

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23 April 2010 @ 12:27 pm
Tell me what you imagine when you think of Genghis Khan. Let me know if it's similar to a dude clad in thick fur and leather and metal armours, maybe with a little pointy helmet? Maybe bearded and mustachio'd? Looking all leader-like, definitely, right? Sword or bow in hand? Horses nearby (or he's riding one)? Completely kickass and badass right? - eta- because he wasn't exactly badass for mass genocide Leading an army and empire across the Asian continent, right?

Oh, and of course, Mongolian. right?

Well according to Hollywood, he's John Wayne MICKEY ROURKE.



I am so horrified. This is 21, Dragonball Z, The Last Airbender and Extraordinary Measures rolled into one ball of MASSIVE YELLOWFACE FAIL

Go on, someone - please play devil's advocate and justify how and why Mickey Rourke should play Genghis Khan. Please? I won't rage at you, I promise. I just want to know how this can be justified in ANYONE'S MIND. please, tell me?

Thank you to the darling anon who gave me one jolly month of paid time on Dreamwidth!! Eee! Time to stuff myself full of awesome icons! \o/

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18 March 2010 @ 08:43 am
I'm Sorry
I've felt there are two categories of 'I'm sorry' which many people (including me!) have used:

TYPE 1: the true apology, where the apologist is genuinely interested in changing their actions and/or perspectives. They are generally willing to listen, to learn, to progress, to practice further conscientious behaviour.

TYPE 2: the false apology. We've all encountered it, online and offline. It's an apology of defense. And it's generally repetitive, because it doesn't mean anything so the mistakes keep happening. The apologist continues to think and behave in the same way they always do, with no true intention (subconscious or no) of educating themselves or becoming more understanding of another's situation. They say 'I'm sorry', but because it's false, they will return to their old patterns, make the same mistakes, apologize again.

Some people do this their whole lives without learning a thing and not caring. Others become bitter and resentful that they are 'forced' to apologize so many times for the same things. This leads to blaming the harmed person (or group) for being harmed at all. It's your fault that you took offense.

SEMI-TYPE 2: the passive-aggressive apology. It generally goes "I'm sorry that you're upset" or "It wasn't my intent" or "I'm sorry you took offense". This isn't even an apology, which is why I don't categorize it. It places all the blame or harmful action on the other person and willfully makes the semi-apologist look like a naive innocent. Again, it's another situation of 'it's your fault you were hurt by my actions'.

and a newly added third category -
TYPE 3: the insecure apology. I learned this one from my BFF/roomie, who compulsively apologizes for everything whenever she is personally in a bad headspace. (for example: she'd come home, put her bag down and say "Sorry". She'd say "Can we watch ___ tv show? I'm sorry"). I learned from her that this is an apology that stems from insecurity - she is convinced that her every action and thought makes the other person annoyed. That every opinion she has is wrong. She generally does this if she's stressed out or depressed.

Type 3 is one I had to learn to understand, because I wasn't familiar with it. I have unending sympathy and understanding for Type 3 apologies, because I know it stems from stress/insecurity. However, I did explain to my BFF that her constant apologies then put me in the involuntary role of the daily villain. She put me in a position of constantly disapproving authority - authority that I didn't want or have or encourage. I was cornered there, because then I was obliged to 'forgive' her. It was a false forgiveness, because I wasn't upset in the first place. I didn't want to be a villain, I explained this and we compromised for the better. <3 her.

Any other types of apologies that you have encountered, either online or offline?

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16 March 2010 @ 04:24 pm
ETA FINAL: The group has been restored!! All it took was a day's worth of really fabulous determined people not letting Facebook get away with their foolishness. My goodness. Thanks, all of you.
the background detailsCollapse )


coc_m_madness: Round Two!
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15 March 2010 @ 10:38 pm
ETA FINAL: The group has been restored!! All it took was a day's worth of really fabulous determined people not letting Facebook get away with their foolishness. My goodness. Thanks, all of you.
the background detailsCollapse )
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15 March 2010 @ 08:44 am
I had to defriend a couple people yesterday for some massive failitude they expressed about white privilege, thereby mocking my other dear friend's very vulnerable and open LJ post about her experience with that subject.

One of the people I defriended I didn't know well so I was fine with the mutual defriending. The other person was someone I thought I could trust - and I just realized I'm co-modding an art comm with her - this was...a really hard decision. But what she said was SO hurtful (particularly as it was addressed to our mutual friend, which in turn made me loyalty!GRRRR), I don't know if I even want to talk to her about it. The energy it takes to even say something. It's really, really not fun.

Anyway, just to clarify the concept of white privilege to people who are actually interested in knowing about it, but might not have all the facts:

White privilege is not stand-alone. Like all privileges, it is intersectional. Many people enjoy privileges based on their race, gender, sexual identity, social class, physical health etc without even knowing or understanding it. I enjoy many privileges from my physical health (I am young, healthy, and able-bodied), mental health (I do not have any mental illnesses), social class (I am educated and middle-class) and sexual identity (I am straight). Y'see what I mean by 'intersectional'?

There are even some race privileges that I enjoy, due to being categorized (not willingly) into the 'model minority' category - bluntly speaking: because I am not black, I'm generally more 'acceptable' in white standards. I'll stress again: not willingly. But there it is and I acknowledge it, even as I fight against the model minority stereotype.

Just because you have privileges based on certain inborn attributes, does not automatically make you a bad person to underprivileged people. But acknowledging these privileges that you* enjoy is the first step to understanding an underprivileged person when they bring up harmful and offensive issues.

It is not about you. Your inherent guilt does not factor into another person's suffering. Especially if you consider them your friend or someone who you know would not lightly bring up privilege.

So in short:
- white privilege is not the be-all and end-all, and just because you're white and you have white privilege, doesn't automatically mean you are EVIL IN THE EYES OF ALL PEOPLE OF COLOUR.
- it's the same as saying you're a feminist - being a feminist doesn't automatically mean you HATE ALL MEN.
- it's the same as if I, being able-bodied, started ragging on disabled rights groups to stop pointing out able-bodied privilege, because "omg they are so mean because I may be able-bodied, but I'm also poor! So I don't enjoy as many able-bodied privileges as those mean disabled people claim I have!"

Intersectionality in privilege. Acknowledging one's privilege. Empathy to underprivileged. Key points.

I hope this clarifies things for some people? This is something I am willing to discuss. atm. :)

* also, consider that privilege is categorized by a group situation, not you personally. A lot of the privileged groups are considered 'the normal' or 'the default' - like men, able-bodied, white, straight, etc - in modern society. An aspect of a certain privilege may not apply to you personally, but that doesn't render the concept null.

I didn't watch The Pacific - I don't have HBO anyway - but I did watch the premiere episode of Murdoch Mysteries, Season 3!

EEEEE it started off a little 'hmmmm' but progressed really well and the ending was just 'squeee'. God, I love this show so much, and I'm glad that after the lame awful (OH HEY LOOK - ABLEISM PRIVILEGE CHECK. Very sorry about that. I'm trying to excise that term from my vocabulary) that was Season 2, that Season 3 is showing promise.

Yay little Canadian Victorian murder mystery show! \o/ Don't stop being awesome.
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02 March 2010 @ 07:40 pm
How do you see yourself? Draw your cartoon-alter-ego!

This is how I think like all the time, auuuhhhh

the real meCollapse )

run for yer life by bossymarmalade & glockgal
the beatles

warnings: murder, drug use
disclaimer: we've cocked up some of the beatles history, but to be fair, none of this is real anyhow.
bossymarmalade sez: i think this story has been working its way to the surface for fifteen years, only neither of us realized it.
glockgal sez: i am the mccartney to her lennon. without all the pizza and fairytales. (well, maybe a little)

summary: you don't get to the toppermost of the poppermost without a little sacrifice.
run fer yer lifeCollapse )
07 January 2010 @ 09:09 am
Because I need something to entertain me at work and I love learning about perceptions of fandom etiquette. :D

- Poll is about commenting habits for fanworks in any given fandom
- Poll is refers to the LJ-comment system for posted fanworks
- No answer is wrong.
- Comments are extremely welcome
- This post is public

Poll #1508446 le comment

When you get feedback/praise comments for your fanwork, do you reply (ie to thank them, etc) :

Always; and as soon as possible
Always; but errrr, it might take a while, heh
Sometimes; depending on how busy I become
It depends; I only respond to feedback that asks questions, says something pertinent, etc
Hardly; but maybe I overall thank commenters in a separate post.
Never; I don't see the point, the commentors know I'm grateful for their feedback
Other; I'll explain in comments (will YOU respond to me? bwahaaaaa XD)

When the fanwork creator responds to a feedback comment you leave, are you:

Pleased; it shows the fanwork creator acknowledges my enjoyment and the time I took to leave feedback
Neutral; the fanwork creator doesn't need to say 'thank you!' but it's nice and polite of them
Bothersome; a 'thanks!' comment is unnecessary and clutters my inbox
Something else; I'll comment

If you get feedback/comments on a fanwork you did ages ago, are you:

Happy; even though it's old, I love feedback and I reply tothank them!
Happy; even though it's old, I love feedback but I don't worry about replying to their comment if I don't have time.
Neutral; it's nice to get the feedback, and I'm not an ingrate, but it's an old fanwork, so meh
Bothered; I have new stuff from that fandom, dangit! Old stuff is old!
Gah, your options are constraining, I WANT TO BE FREE

When you enjoy someone's fanwork that was posted ages ago (ie, it's old), do you:

Still leave feedback anyway, treating it as any other fanwork I enjoy
Leave feedback only if I reallyreally enjoyed it; the creator has clearly moved on to producing other fanworks.
Leave feedback only if I know the person/they're a friend.
Don't bother leaving feedback, since old fanwork is old; might annoy the creator
None of this, lemme tell you in comments
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01 January 2010 @ 12:07 pm
What a year it's been, full of ups and downs but in the end - a wonderful pile of ups. Thank you to my friendlist not just for supporting me, but for helping me sort out my own thoughts about racism, prejudice, privilege, silencing, ignorance, derailment and allies. Thank you to jedifreac and whosdamike for being so amazingly pro-active and spearheading racebending.com triumphs.

why we're doing this
racebending primer
about us

where we live

ljtwitterfacebookstreet teams

what we do
racebending @ dragoncon '09
racebending @ comiccon '09
racebending @ futures of entertainment '09
racebending on YouTube
racebending, JACL and MANAA protest the film The Goods. Paramount Pictures apologizes.
racebending protests the film The Weapon.

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APA Coalition Meets with Paramount Pictures
At a meeting with Paramount Pictures regarding the depictions of Asian Americans in The Goods, the Media Action Network for Asian Americans brings up the casting controversy over The Last Airbender.

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Paramount Pictures and Asian Americans: A Tarnished Legacy
Do Children See Race? and The Virtue of Colourblindness
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Yellowface: A Documentary
02 December 2009 @ 10:49 am
credit to the original, because because because --

the ♥ fanart love ♥ meme

  • comment with your username and the fandoms you create fanart for.
  • people will comment telling you their favorite art by you, what character/pairing they think you best render visually, and other positive comments. they can also mention what they think you should create more art for, or anything else concerning what they like about your art-making.
  • pimp it it to your journal and/or fanartist comms.
  • this is a love meme. so no wank, no insults. please report any negative comments to me immediately.

SIDE NOTE TO FANARTISTS: this is open to ALL types of fanartists: illustrators, crafters, collagers, manippers, bakers, photographers, graphic makers...any one who considers themselves a fanartist!

20 October 2009 @ 09:37 am
RACEBENDING.COM - promo shirts!
Thanks to Mike and Dariane for setting this up - we have new OFFICIAL racebending.com t-shirts for sale at Blacklava! Our Zazzle store will still remain up to sell bumper stickers and postcards. But all t-shirts are now through Blacklava.

We print on American Apparel, which is a fair trade sweatshop-free organization - and comfy and cute as well! Their sizes do run small, though; so keep that in mind when you choose your size.

Thanks to BlackLava, 100% of proceeds go back to the Racebending.com and the LA Street Team. Funds are needed to maintain the web-site, purchase booth space at conventions, promotional material for distribution (fliers and flair), and further shirt printings.

Buy a shirt and support our cause!

Not that I think anyone on my flist would do this, but just in case you encounter it in your Halloween travails, you shouldn't feel weird to speak out about it:

Dressing up as another race for Halloween? Not a good idea.

No, this does not render the person who chose the costume is immediately a racist; it's the idea that is racist and they should be called on it. What do I mean by 'dressing up as another race'? Here is a helpful list of some Halloween costume no-nos:

- Native American/First Nations
- Blackface (yes, it's happened before). This includes Jamaican costumes.
- Geisha girl
- China doll
- Illegal Alien

I know this can be a touchy matter and after you've had a few shots of the Halloween punch, it might be difficult to retort to the compelling arguments of "You wouldn't be mad if I wore lederhosen!" and "It's just a Halloween costume; calm down!" - but! It's worth it to try. Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.

ETA: Yay, Stuff White People Do: suddenly get interested in non-white people whenever halloween comes around - perfect timing, oui?

ETA #2: It gets better! Disgrasian: Racist Halloween Costumes...for Pets. I don't even know. I don't.

ETA #3: ontd_political reposts Your Halloween Costume: A Bigot from source theawl.com.

ETA #4: Sociological Images (contexts.org) posts about Racist Halloween Costumes. Straight to the point.
19 September 2009 @ 09:08 am
It's interesting to see the sign-ups at yuletart as well as the questions us Mods get from participants and potential participants. Questions that are unique to a fanart fest, I think. Like -

- is my type of art acceptable for this fest?
- can I mail my art to my gift-receiver after the fest?
- I don't consider myself a fanartist; can I still participate?

It's really neat, I mean. Do fanfic fests get questions like these? I can't imagine someone being unsure if what they write can be construed as fanfic. Do fanfic participants ever want to submit like poem epics or....?

It's just another example of how in fandom the two fanwork biggies are Fanfics and Fanart - but the fanart umbrella stretches wide and is very nebulous.

In yuletart a lot of discussion was needed for us to define what constitutes as acceptable fanart for the fest. We made the decision to not allow photo-manipulations, graphics, template 3Dmodel pose-art or vidding*; but we do accept:

- drawn art (traditional or digital)
- animation
- crafts (knitting, sculpting, foodart and more!)
- cosplay

and our very VERY murky area:
- photographs taken by the artist (must create style/story)
- collages/paintovers (where the collage is manual and/or is used to create a style/story)
- 3D modeling/texturing/rigging/rendering

I mean! Lookit all of those choices of fanart! This is why I find yuletart such an exciting and creative fest. But sometimes a bit harrowing for the Mods, heh. We have had to make judgment-calls not just about whether someone's art is acceptable content-wise, but also whether it fits into our definition of 'art' without the situation getting wanky.

Anyway. I think we've covered all our bases in the FAQ. Here's hoping we won't have to make such a judgment call this year! The sign-ups are still going wonderfully strong - keep 'em coming!

* I've seen vidding being used under the category of fanart; but do vidders consider themselves a separate category? Or do vidders refer to themselves as 'a fanartist'?
10 September 2009 @ 12:08 pm
I'm not really planning on watching any shows this Fall until they are released on DVD next summer (or in Merlin's case, dl), but for the sake of those who do, I still think this is a good reminder to everyone, just in case (cause we tend to forget things in lieu of excitement) -

spoiler cuts. they are of the good

For real - it can save a lot of WTFOMFGIH8U*DEFRENZ* to do a very simple <lj-cut text="SPOILER for blah blah"> on communities and yes! Even on your own journal. Cause yeah I know: omg it's your journal you can do whatcha want; but guess what? OTHER PEOPLE READ YOUR PUBLIC POSTS. That's, uh. That's how LJ works.

Speaks for itself, so.

Open Letter to Eric Kripke by Alaya Dawn Johnson.
Note: the opinions of a privileged white fan by zillahseye

Oh by the way - race and race issues in fandom? It's not wank. Just in case anyone felt it was, it's not. Capslock debates over what constitutes spoiler-alerts = wank. Insults over Bale!Batman vs Keaton!Batman = wank. Thousand-thread ship wars = wank. My colour or culture or presence in fandom does not equate to casual masturbation, thanks.
Via notrafficlights:
If you were thinking of filling out that Fan Fiction Survey, make sure to read this first before giving away precious information about your ficcish habits.

In other news, Disney Corporation buys Marvel Company. The jokes about a Mickey Mouse/Wolverine team-up have begun as well as people crying about Marvel becoming 'family friendly'...I think the bigger WTFDKJFHKDJF is that one of the four largest megalomaniac media corporations has now bought over a comicbook industry Big Fish. That's not very family friendly to me. It's all business, folks.

(On the bright side, Tom mentioned that hopefully they'll release Disney's stable of EXTREMELY TALENTED artists onto Marvel to revamp their 2D animation style. Because a Marvel animation to rival that of Warner Bros' DCComics' [now ex-]artist Bruce Timm? That'd be kinda win.)

One last thing - Facebook starting to wane? I've shut down most of my profile and only really use mine to:

a) Rant about things like Stopping Child Torture, Racebending and (more frivolously) yapping about movies.
b) Planning parties/get togethers/meet-ups with RL friends.

The latter is invaluable because I'm pretty sure Vancouver has the highest population of Facebook accounts. (And spas for dogs...just so you know what kind of city I live in). So eh. Sure, New York City might think Facebook is leaving; but Lotusland, we ain't gonna let it die!

26 August 2009 @ 10:08 am
Wordpress.com vs Child Torture Victims
Yeah, I can't believe I had to write that out either. Seems WordPress.com in all its corporate neutrality has taken to taunting a survivor or child torture by arbitrarily giving and taking away her right to speak out...then blaming her for not following Wordpress.com's ToS. So classy and mature, innit?

waywardradish needs help. First, Wordpress.com has cow-towed to the whims of the so-called therapists, who murdered children in a grotesque process called Attachment Therapy. Now Wordpress.com is treating a survivor - who's only goal is to contact other survivors and mete justice on their torturers - like nothing more than an animal. Like I said - CLASSY AND MATURE, WORDPRESS.COM.

She needs your help, and here are some ways you can do it.
1.) Read as much of her blog, before it's shut down completely again. Educate yourself.
2.) Write a brief email to wordpress.com (tosreports@wordpress.com) to protest the censoring of child survivors. To make things even easier, here's some text copy-pasteCollapse ) This is quick and easy and WORTH IT.
3.) Further info on how you can help.
4.) Please repost or link to this. The textbox is all my post, so you can C&P and edit at will.

ETA: http://stopchildtorture.org/

diaf, WP.com.
18 June 2009 @ 08:15 pm

STAR TREK REBOOT FANART MEME - warning, giant-asstastic imageCollapse )

22 May 2009 @ 10:57 am
Amid the heady fannish joy, I'm taking a moment to be srs bsnz.

So USA Today released photos of both Noah Ringer (Aang) and Dev Patel (Zuko) from the movie. Check out the photosCollapse )

Aside from the painfully shoddy production value of these publicity photos, the fail of this is multiple. It's being discussed HERE.

<The racebending.com peeps are urging fans and advocates to contact USAToday/Scott Bowles with emails regarding this 'article'. The details:

"Send comments to letters@usatoday.com. Include name, phone number, city and state for verification."
They prefer articles with 250 words or less. Jumping off ideas:

* The wording of using the "look of Aang"
* Good guy/bad guy coding in the article
* No mention of racefail casting practices
* The production's missteps, including culturally ignorant statements made by the cast and crew

Please, if you have the time, send something in. They can ignore one or two letters, but if two hundred people write them then they may feel like they need to print something. Please don't assume that other people will read this post and write in! And finally, please also ask others to write in as well!

Please please please! And thank you, so so very much. ILU all.

NICKELODEON PRE-VIS: what they actually intended
There has also been a pre-vis video released that showed how Nickelodeon intended the characters to look and it's pretty telling. It's all in 3D with some hastily assembled models and effects - the usual pre-vis teaser pitch.

Screencaps from the video (it keeps being removed from YouTube) have been posted on racebending.com. What strikes me most is Katara. Clearly her 3D version - even with its lack of modeling finesse - is NOT WHITE. The purposely used a darker skin colour and Inuit features.

Here, you don't even need to visit the site if you don't want to, check it out hereCollapse )

Now it's just a bunch of the same arguments over and over from commenters on the USA Today article, who have done absolutely know research into this movie, bu think they know everything about it and how people are cast and what colourblind means to them. Good times!

Props to the people commenting over at the IJ Scans_Daily, though. Yay!
05 May 2009 @ 08:19 pm


The story since last time you joined this hoohah:
- Zazzle removes products from the racebending store, claiming it's copyright infringement
- I inquire clarification
- They tell me Viacom claims intellectual property
- I'm like wtf and post on my LJ
- SO MANY PEOPLE GIVE ME AMAZING ADVICE, including the kickass people from otw_news and jedifreac. the hero to my sidekick.
- BoingBoing.net does a write up about it.
- Zazzle tells me that the products were removed because Viacom does routine searches on Zazzle to remove IP
- I put up MORE products, some saying 'CENSORED BY V1ACOM'
- One of those products gets removed, claiming again 'intellectual property'.
- I file a DMCA counternotification from Zazzle
- scrollgirl, bless her, emails Viacom and asks them for an explanation.
We didn’t take anything down from Glockgal’s Zazzle store. Zazzle did it without our request or our knowledge. When we eventually heard about what they had done, we asked them to restore the merchandise as quickly as possible.
- Zazzle products...back for sale. Including all of the keywords.

Most hilarious part? Try doing a keyword search for 'airbender' on Zazzle. Other than a couple more obscure products which had never been removed, my products are the ONLY ONES THAT SHOW UP.
(this is subject to change, if the Zazzle or Viacom peeps read this journal. Hiya! *waves*)

This has been one incredibly surreal event in my life. The blending of fannish and real life...crimeny. Good god, a big thank you so EVERYONE who helped and gave advice and told me not to just shrug and accept this.

28 April 2009 @ 11:31 am
Wow. OH WOW. All but one of the products on my racebending.com Zazzle store has been removed because "it contained content in violation of Viacom's intellectual property rights". This means not just images (all of which were drawn by me), but also WORDS.

Apparently a t-shirt saying 'Aang can stay Asian and still save the world' is a copyright violation, but images and words taken directly from the cartoon are just fine. Deleted as well, right after I made this post. Well...okay then. O.o

Anyway, this just means I get to make more Zazzle products and be more circumspect AND publicise on my Zazzle store that my products were removed by Viacom's orders. Awesome...?

screencap vof images for the recordCollapse )

ETA 1 - Zazzle's response to my request for a DMCA notice. read it hereCollapse )
So I did a search for 'avatar the last airbender' and 'airbender' and found a total of two items (mine and someone else's) t-shirts. So now I'm thinking Viacom has removed EVERYONE'S products that used the search 'airbender'...not just racebending's products?


ETA 2 - All's well in Zazzle/Viacom HappyLand. The racebending store now has all its products back up. Read about how it happened HERE

I urge you all to fill out this quick survey over at the racebending community. Or if you're feeling lazy, you can fill it out here and I'll pass on the message:. Copy and paste in comments:

Thank you!

Yeah baby! Racebending.com now has a YouTube Channel! It's specifically geared towards making boycotting videos for the movie, but we're also looking for creative and insightful videos regarding the protest.

More info is HERE on making your own boycott video to add to the channel (you have the freedom to be creative, but polite). If you have a video about Avatar that you'd like us to add to our Favourites, please contact boycott@racebending.com.

And, if you have a webcam or a video recorder, make your own video! I'm considering buying a webcam just for this purpose! And then maybe later for....sexy purposes.*

23 April 2009 @ 11:42 pm
Updates! Lots of very very cool happenings:

MANAA and Paramount Pictures: Round 3?
Paramount Pictures finally responds to MANAA's letter. Claims their desire for ethnic diversity. Signed personally by 'The Producers'. MANAA replies, seeing right through 'The Producers' pretense and derailing.

We urge everyone who is protesting the casting to CONTACT MANAA via email, phone calls etc. They want to know that people are invested in this. Please help by showing them you care about diversity!

Margaret Cho
Eee she posts about The Last Airbender on her blog! SQUEEEE!!!

NYC Boycott Fan Meetup
This looks so cool. I hope some people can make it so I can live vicariously through you. :D
When: 5:30pm (sharp) to around 6:30pm Friday, April 24th, 2009
Where: Outside Starbucks, on the corner, connecting to the East Bank bank between the Canal Street (6) line and the Canal Street (J,M,Z) line.

There's a Facebook event for it HERE.

Much love to everyone who's still going strong! I'm right there with you. <3

(ps - my RL has been a little hectic lately, so comments have been disabled. But feel free to contact me if you need to).
24 March 2009 @ 08:37 am
DISCLAIMER: I'm using 'Wolverine and the X-Men' as an example. I'm not offended by the cartoon, I just laugh at the story/characterization of the X-Men. My personal opinion, which doesn't affect this discussion and doesn't judge your enjoyment of the cartoon. (in short: I like tons of stuff others laugh at; but I know you don't judge me for it. ;D)

I've watched a few modern-day cartoons (most recently the laughable Wolverine and the X-Men) and noticed a vaguely delightful increase in speaking, Asian-varieties of NPCs*. In particular, Indian women (generally depicted as scientists, teachers, doctors). And generally they:

a) wear a bindi**
b) have an Indian accent

**Digress to a LOLwtf about the Wiki entry on bindiCollapse )

So like, okay. It's a cartoon, right? Cartoons need to simplify, stylise and provide easy indicators so children can immediately understand that a character is heroic or evil or a boy or a girl. So a brown character, she could essentially be any variation of brown-skinned races in the world - until the creators slap on a bindi and give her an Indian accent.

Is it necessary? Can we have a speaking!brown character without providing cultural indicators? What I mean is:
  • can a child watching the cartoon comprehend that the character is a certain race without the cultural indicator?
  • for a child, can it be a subtle, subconscious form of Othering?
  • and, is it really necessary for the child to comprehend the culture of the character if it's not particularly necessary to the story?
Most of the speaking!NPCs are just that - NPCs. They forward plot and no complex characterization. Interestingly, - most of the cartoons I watch being American cartoons - this cultural indicating/branding applies to white NPCs, as long as they're outside of America. In Wolverine and the XMen for example, scenes/people of Germany where hilariously situated in some olde tyme burg and the NPCs all dressed like peasants from 1896. And...I'm pretty sure they carried torches (not flashlights - actual fire).

Last question - if I win the lottery, should I commit myself to the research and investigation of race and racial shortcuts in cartoons? Because now I really really want to. And if I enlist you guys to help, I'll totally give you $5 (Canadian).

PS - 'NPC' means 'non-player character'. If you didn't already know that, your nerd-level has just dropped by 5 points. XD
18 March 2009 @ 10:19 am
Oh my lovely flist - if you haven't seen the racebending.com website yet, there is now a petition to sign! This petition will be printed out and hand-delivered to Paramount Pictures, MANAA and EWP, so it's not just a useless petition of uselessness. It can make a difference and it can bolster the cause.

The production made a choice. That choice sent a clear message:
"Children of Color: You are not good enough to play the hero, even if that hero shares your ethnicity."

More info about the petition, including the letter to Paramount in full.

Or, if you know you already rally against The Last Airbender casting, head on over and

ETA: if you want to use this image, feel free to hotlink. In this one case, I really don't mind people using my bandwidth, yay! \o/

Just as important - TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS PETITION! If each of you can get at least five people to sign this petition, it will make SUCH an incredible difference and you will totally deserve good karma, brownie points, a pat on the back and all the candy in the world! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you!

(isn't the new site gorgeous? Check out the pretty Press Release, squeeee! Our lovely web designer opal_skies is to thank. *love*)
16 March 2009 @ 11:58 am
So remember how there were rumours floating around that the nations would be cast according to their lead actors? So in essense:

Air Nomads (heroes, victims of genocide): white people
Water Tribe (heroes, oppressed, canonically dark-skinned): white people
Earth Nation (good/bad, repressed): anything 'exotically Asian'
Fire Nation (evil, genocidal tyrants): brown people

Remember that? Yeah well it's all true. Aasif Mandvi, Shaun Toub and Cliff Curtis have joined the cast of M. Night Shyamalan's THE LAST AIRBENDER.

As much as I love - LOVE these guys, what's paining me so much is this:
  • some fans of colour saying "Well, Fire Nation ain't all that bad! There's...this one character and...oh this other one character." Yes, sure. And they only way they can be good is when WHITE PEOPLE TELL THEM THEY CAN BE GOOD. Give the brown character a cookie for turning on his entire evil nation!!

  • some fans of colour are saying "Yay, it's so good to see brown representation! I'm so proud!" It's sad that PoC are reduced to saying "Well...at least...they're...visible!"

  • fans saying racebending and aang-aint-white are 'fanwanks'. This is just wretched.
And remember: in the cartoon, THE WATER TRIBE WAS THE DARK-SKINNED NATION. AND THE HEROES. NOW THEY ARE ALL WHITE. Once again, Hollywood is showing adults and children that White is Right. What a great adage to believe in in the year 2009.

This is killing me. Filming has begun in Greenland. What do you think about that photo? What do you think when you see that village? Hey, take a look at the people who live in Greenland!

I'd give you one clue: It's not white people.

I'm still trying to get over the fact that they've kept everything Siberian Yupik/Inuit based, except the people. They are blatantly whitewashing and they don't care. I CAN'T. I CAN'T WRAP MY HEAD AROUND THIS.

Still in its rough stages, but it's functional!
06 March 2009 @ 05:42 pm
Cree Actor in Talks for Lead Role in Twilight's 'New Moon' - I MEAN. COME ON. If Twilight can make the goddamned effort, WHY DOES THE LAST AIRBENDER HAVE TO FAIL US ON SO MANY (read: three) LEVELS?? IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN ASIAN-BASED WORLD, WTF WTF WTF.

I don't want to discuss Twilight's actors/plot/characters/fanbase on my journal, but feel free to join me in my joy that there's a Native American actor in a lead role, because Summit actually took the time to FIND ONE. And conversely, share in my dismay that The Last Airbender casting directors obviously can't make that effort.

Did you see this, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy? What can you say now? Do you even care?

Well, obviously they don't, because there have already been sightings of our two white-washed heroes (and our one dark-washed anti-hero) entering pre-production phase with M. Night Shyamalan in Philadelphia. Inuit-based characters? No way, there are no Inuit actors. So let's just make the ENTIRE NATION WHITE.

02 March 2009 @ 07:41 am
There was a small but successful protest in Flushing, New York which has all been recorded here. The most disturbing discovery being that, according to what the auditioning actors told our protesters (quoth sidepocket_pro):

The casting director inside said that they are casting around the race of the actors they have chosen, so this is how the tribes will break down:
- Water Tribe = White People
- Fire Nation = Indian People
- Earth Nation = "Asian" People
Which if rumors are correct, the final puzzle piece is:
- Air Nation = White People

And this is what it means:
  • The two nations that contribute the three main heroes of the film are now (conveniently) white.

  • Even when people disagreed about Aang's race, most people agreed that yes, Sokka and Katara are definitely darker-skinned characters and look to be Inuit-based. The Water Tribe was - on whole - the darkest-skinned characters in the show, and they were the heroes Their nation has been completely white-washed.

  • Oh! But guess who the dark-skinned ACTORS get to now play in the movie? THAT'S RIGHT, THEY ARE NOW THE VILLAINOUS NATION.

  • This Asian-based fantasy world is now composed of: generic!Asian (periphery roles), South East Asian (villains) and two nations of generic!white (heroes). ONCE AGAIN, WHITE IS THE DEFAULT "RACE" FOR FANTASY CHARACTERS

THE WASHINGTON POST has written an article about the casting of The Last Airbender! (OH! If you keep getting the login screen, read the article HERE.) And I am loving this Casting Director Ricketts more and more with every gem that drops from her mouth:
"There's been some talk that we're casting authentic Asians as a response to the backlash, which is totally wrong because our world is multi-ethnic and the 'Avatar' world will be multi-ethnic.'"
O RLY, MS RICKETTS?? Then why is the Inuit-based nation now white? ANYONE WITH EYES could tell that the Water Tribe was not white, even Jackson "I need a tan!" Rathbone. So is the Water tribe now gonna be Nordic? Or Icelandic? Or vampiric? The paler they are, the better the hero, amirite?

Anyway, bless the Washington Post, they did a bang up job of reporting. The best (saddest?) bit is on the last page with the quintet of hopeful actors and DeeDee Ricketts' 'helpful' advice.

Let me get a few things clear, since there are a lot of people who have a thousand different opinions about what and who aang_aint_white is:

1) People who are protesting this do not hate white people. People who are protesting this do not have a political agenda. People from all spectrums of politics and race support this cause.

2) AAW is not composed of a handful of disgruntled nerdy white fans who scream racism but sekritly just want some other pet actor to play the roles. We are not all-white and the only thing that concerns us about this casting is white-washing, yellowface and discrimination.

3) AAW isn't composed of disgruntled Asians with nothing better to do than pick on honest-working white actors and innocent!sweet!Hollywood. We are not all-Asian and we are concerned about the systemic racial bias in Hollywood that has been going on for decades. If we don't speak up, this will continue.

01 March 2009 @ 06:40 pm

The East West Players have sent an letter to Paramount Picture to voice their concern over the white-washing of the cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The letter is in pdf format and can be read from here.

But who are the East West Players? Many of them lent their voice acting talent to The Last Airbender animated series, in a variety of guest roles. Two members were full-time voices on the show:

-- Dante Basco - who voiced Prince Zuko (now cast as Dev Patel in the movie)
-- the late Makoto "Mako" Iwamatsu - who voiced Uncle Iroh to Prince Zuko

Mako was a determined long-time activist and voice for Asian American actors when they had have no voice in Hollywood. He was one of the founding members of the East West Players, and was determined to ensure that Asian American actors and filmmakers received rights, representation and recognition in the film industry. He fought discrimination and stereotype in film all of his life.

What would he have thought about The Last Airbender casting of the main characters? It's an unhappy thing to wonder.


The East West Players is an Asian American theater troupe based in Los Angeles, created to fight the discrimination minority actors face while working in Hollywood and increase opportunities for Asian American artistic talent. EWP's latest play, IXNAY stars Avatar's own Dante Basco! IXNAY is directed by Tim Dang (voice of Yon Rha, "The Southern Raiders") and currently playing in the David Henry Hwang Theater in Los Angeles through March 15th.

So if you live in southern California and are in the mood to see a play, please go check it out! And do tell me what you think. It sounds so cool. ♥!
27 February 2009 @ 08:41 am
Reminder: The Last Airbender has put out a call for PoC as background roles.

aang_aint_white has the dates, times and locations on both HERE.

There's also now a Facebook event for the Flushing, NY protest, started up by sidepocket_pro who plans to attend. GO HERE If you live close/in Flushing, please consider joining in the protest!

Here's a really swell flyer from the FB event for people to print and distribute. Print/download them from here and here.

From a rather unfunny article in the Washington Post:
The producers are looking for actors of Mongolian, Cambodian or Laotian heritage, which suggests the filmmaker is responding to previous criticism from "Avatar" fans about the cast looking a little too Caucasian.
Responding? Responding how? By making sure everyone with non-speaking roles gets to be Asian, while the white actors save the world? Oh! Oh how GRACIOUS of them. Yeah, that's exactly what we want, thanks so much. *bows, bows, wags head, bows*

Honestly, I would have been less aggravated if they just cast everyone as white actors/extras and have done with it. But this is just insulting. This kind of response only serves to rub in my face just how much they believe only white actors in lead roles will bring in the $$$$$. I JUST. GYAH.

If you live nearby either Flushing or Arlington but you can't attend, please consider printing out the flyers over the weekend and posting them in public areas or leaving a pile of them in a public area? THANK YOU I LOVE YOU FOR IT!

<3 <3 <3
26 February 2009 @ 08:22 am
Once again, The Last Airbender has put out a call for PoC in the background only. No Asians allowed as the three lead roles! Only in the background, non-speaking roles, people. Don't worry, the white people will save you from impending doom, that's how it's done.

aang_aint_white has the details on both HERE.

There's also now a Facebook event for the Flushing, NY protest, started up by sidepocket_pro who plans to attend. GO HERE If you live close/in Flushing, please consider joining in the protest!

Here's a really swell flyer from the FB event for people to print and distribute. Print/download them from here and here.

Quoted from AAW:
Paramount is trying to put a bandaid on this problem by casting Asian actors in minor, background roles, in a world that will still be saved by three white heroes. Now is the time to tell them that that isn't good enough.
Also, please remember The Language of Casting:
-- Caucasian, or other ethnicity for LEAD ROLES
-- Near and Far Eastern, Middle Eastern, Asian, Mediterranean and Latino. etc and now Chinese, Thai, Mongolian, Vietnamese etc for BACKGROUND AND EXTRAS.

Tell me again that this movie isn't fucking white-washed when it comes to the heroes? Tell me again how this movie is just OOOHHH FANTASY (AKA WHITE) and not Asian-based/diverse? Tell me again that I'm a bad fan for being angry at their blatant racism?

Damn it all. I am so angry all over again.
24 February 2009 @ 08:39 am
Man, I haven't done a Google search for 'aang-aint-white' in a long time, and yet it never fails to be full of fail.

I finally found a commenter who thinks racism is over (see comment 10). I feel like I should win a prize or something! I mean, I've joked about that whole "But we elected Obama! We're post-racism!" tripe, but I never thought I'd actually see it. Not only are we post-racial, but WW2 Japanese internment camps were fear-based (not racist!) and lynchings don't happen any more.

HAAHAHAH WHY ARE PEOPLE SO --. Anyway. I won't say what.

Even better, I also found the most confused reaction to Aang-Aint-White ever. I mean, is he for a diverse cast? Or is he against it? Or does he only approve of it if people agree with him and hate 'tangential liberals'? This is why Canadians get a bad rap - because they get angry about stuff, but then they flip-flop on points and therefore make NO POINT. The best part of this is that he's under the impression that the creator of aang_aint_white is...oh where's the quote, it's so gold...ah:
Except the chick who started the "Aang ain't white" movement on Youtube is white. The vast majority of people who I've seen up in arms about this are white. I've seen extremely little asian interest in this at all; because really most asians don't give a fuck about Avatar. Its fan-rage, and most of the fans of Avatar are pasty white kids.
So...is he saying that only Asian people should be angry about this? Or just white people who AREN'T fans of the show? Or....?

AHAHAHAHAAHAHAH WHY ARE PEOPLE SO ---. Right. Not gonna say it.

Now I'm gonna Google 'Avatar whitewash' and see what I can find! Wheeee.....?

-- Oh and to clarify, I've been using the royal 'We' in the past few Avatar-related posts. Not out of pretentiousness; I literally mean 'we' as in the core-group from AAW. It's truly been a group effort (massive stress on effort) and so I feel like I should be inclusive. :D Rah rah rah!

-- Over on racebending, there's an interesting discussion on Inuit Culture in the Last Airbender Movie. I figure some of you might wanna join in! I plan to as well, once I get my thoughts formulated, hehe.

-- And later, more on the East West Players, their group members and their upcoming production!
23 February 2009 @ 10:32 pm
Remember how right at the beginnng I offered to donate to MANAA if protest letters were mailed to Paramount Pictures? Well, in light of MANAA's letter to Paramount Pictures as well as all the enthusiasm and action that us regular people have been taking, I finally made the donation.

YAY!!! image proof so you can confirmCollapse )

Oh Caramell Dansen. ILU.

An excerpt from MANAA's letter:
The Asian American community, and the movie-going public at large, is used to seeing Asian men depicted as villains and rarely get the opportunity to see Asian heroes they can get behind and cheer for. This is also an historic opportunity to give Asian American actors a chance to shine in a big-budget film franchise which would bolster their careers for future projects. You will get deserved credit for launching those careers and can break down barriers by understanding that the audience that loved the television series is ready (and expects) to see Asian Americans playing those characters on the big screen.
You can read the letter in full here, and their ongoing blog on this and other issues can be read here. We're thrilled that the MANAA has decided to become involved in this issue, and we look forward to seeing where that involvement may lead.

MANAA deserves a lot of love for taking on this cause, so if you have the time, be sure to drop them an email, thanking them for their ongoing efforts to communicate with Paramount Pictures: manaaletters@yahoo.com or letters@manaa.org

If you'd like to find out more ways to help out in stopping yellowface and white-washing in The Last Airbender, check out my previous blog post. We need your help more than ever!
23 February 2009 @ 06:48 pm
I'm not even sure where I should begin. It's been a while!

Really the main things to do at the moment is to read aang_aint_white's latest updates, specifically news on the East West Players and MANAA making contact with Paramount Pictures.

We have organizations on our side, people who can't be ignored by Paramount. This is...incredible. THANK YOU to all of the AAW group for making this happen, especially Teh_Boulder. XD ♥

However, even though we have some big guns on our side, the issue is not yet closed. We can't leave it in the hands of the few. Hollywood only listens to the many. Filming is supposed to start in mid-March. This means that once filming begins, it will be too late to try and force changes. We must increase our efforts right now!

We need your help desperately to make this final push. You do not have to be Asian or a PoC to help. Anyone who believes that white-washing is wrong can rally and help us! So, what can you do?

One: Letter-writing
SEND MORE LETTERS to Paramount Pictures.

Two: Media
Contact anyone you know in your local media or in general media to alert them to this story. You can inform them of MANAA and EWP's efforts and letters to Paramount. MANAA's letter to Paramount is on their website and their blog. With the permission of EWP, their letter has been published online in a PDF file. Highlights:
...how can the casting of homogeneously Caucasian actors as three out of the top four leads possibly be consistent with a story whose overarching message is diversity and harmony between different cultures?

...Even if the filmmakers are blind to these concerns, they ought to be responsive to marketplace realities. There are millions of fans of Nickelodeon's AVATAR and they are drawn to the series' Asian themes. They are not likely to accept either a "whitewashing" of the story or an unrealistic portrayal of white actors trying to look ethnic and/or leading distinctly ethnic civilizations.
Three: Media Again
Did I mention contacting the media? It's worth mentioning it again. Online newssites and popular blogs like SciFi Wire, io9, Entertainment Weekly, the San Francisco Chronicle, Angry Asian Man etc need to know about the latest news! For a list of people we can update check out the left-hand links bar on aang_aint_white. The more people write in, the more likely they will be to write an article on the issue.

There's also been suggestions of contacting well-known You Tube vidders/vloggers as well. If anyone can help out with that, it would be awesome! I'm not too familiar with the world of vlog.

Four: Word of Mouth!
TELL YOUR FRIENDS. I can't stress this one enough. Word of Mouth is so incredibly important - so if you can, I am begging you to make an LJ post about this, or bring up discussion on a fan forum, or mention it to some pals over a dinner. Anything that'll get people curious and possibly supportive.

Five: Racebending
If you are looking for constant (and fun!) updates on Avatar, please join racebending because it is awesome and energetic and has a lot of good info. It's an off-shoot of Aang-Aint-White, and therefore concentrates more on what's happening in the news rather than the letter-writing campaign.

More detailed news tomorrow!
05 February 2009 @ 05:29 pm
OMG people, I am so excited about the protest in Philly regarding the Feb 7th casting call which asks for extras who are:
Near and Far Eastern, Middle Eastern, Asian, Mediterranean and Latino.
Keep in mind that the casting call for the LEAD CHARACTERS was:
Caucasian, or any other ethnicity.
-- A wonderful explanation on The Language of Casting by the amazing vejiicakes

--Happy news: the Organization of Chinese Americans plan to attend the protest as well!! HOMG YAYE. For updates and to plan with others, check out AAW's Entry or the group on Facebook

I am really pleased that we have dealt with this surprise!recast that Paramount has tossed at us and we have remained unified. High five to all of us! As always, aang_aint_white says it best - A Step in the Right Direction...But We Have a Long Way to Go! For any thoughts that people may have about Zuko being an anti-hero and therefore not cast as 'brown evil guy' against 'good white people', consider this (quoth jedifreac):
"He becomes a hero, then, by rejecting his brown daddy and his brown daddy's invading horde, after the white heroes teach him the error of his ways? This is going to be so awkward."
Because exactly. EXACTLY.

Also, there's a great article written at The Kosmopolitan Online examining Hollywood Whitewash in the Era of Change. Great stuff!

Off the topic of Avatar casting, but still interesting to note that the market audience The Last Airbender is targeting, they look up to this:

I mean, not that I expect much - if anything - useful or constructive from Miley Cyrus, but did she have to go and be downright destructive?? Unbelievable how many reasons why people are defending her actions. Don't read the comments in the Gather.com article. Just, don't.
02 February 2009 @ 09:19 am
Well jeez louise - Jesse McCartney out (of the movie, not the closet) and Dev Patel in to play Zuko the Fire Nation prince.

I want to be happy and sit back and celebrate a little. No, really I WANT to. It's generally not in my nature to have such constant and consistent outrage. I wanna be like "Oh wow, a (very bizarre sort of) concession; nothing more for me to do here, look! I can finally shut up and stop bothering 'colourblind' (non-flist) people with my outrage!"

Yeah. I'm not shutting up. I'm still outraged.

There are sooooo many reasons why and as usual, jedifreac says it so much better than me:
Before you say, "No matter what we do, the fans will still complain, they are impossible to please" can I posit that it's REALLY hard for people to be pleased about flagrant discrimination? And that we probably shouldn't be?

Goddamn. The more I think about Jesse and his "scheduling conflict" the more pissed off I get at Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon Films for pulling a fast one without acknowledging our protest.

Can you imagine - a TANNED Rathbone dressed all-fully Inuit next to an ACTUALLY BROWN Patel? I just. I. THE MIND BOGGLES. HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE.


Ironically, I finally did watch Slumdog Millionaire this weekend with the folks.

Yayyyyyyyy....?Collapse )

And how does it tie in to Avatar casting?
a) Dev Patel, ahahha! Okay okay.
b) The Last Airbender plot is indeed mired heavily in Asian influences. In this case, the story IS racially dependent.
c) Slumdog clearly shows that all-non white casts can be beloved by white audiences!
d) Casting Dev Patel isn't a concession, it's a token.

Aw man. Does this mean we need to come up with new slogans? ;D
29 January 2009 @ 11:13 pm

Yellow (and brown)-face: A History in Pictures by vejiicakes.
- This is interesting and educational! Film buffs, history nerds and social Americana geeks - ENJOY. I certainly did. Our memories are selective, I understand. And now, here's a great at way to answer the question 'What's the big deal? It's just one movie'.

Yellowface by Gene Yang.
- Seriously, just go look at the blog if only to see that drawing of Aang in yellowface. It is. It. I just. It so perfectly sums up all my frustrations and horror when people think skin colour is just about getting a tan. WIN ALL ROUND!

Also, the people involved in the making of The Last Airbender are consistently proving themselves to be so moronic, (see also Jesse McCartney and Jackson Rathbone) I feel like I don't even need to argue anymore. They're showing their regard/interest in cultural respect quite well --
"It doesn't mean you're at a disadvantage if you didn't come in a big African thing. But guys, even if you came with a scarf today, put it over your head so you'll look like a Ukrainian villager or whatever."

Thanks to everyone who's purchased stuff at the Aang-Aint-White store! Remember, you can always print the stuff out to use on your own and for FREE.
28 January 2009 @ 11:00 am
Bent Out of Shape - by Jeff Yang of the San Francisco Chronicle.
THIS IS AMAZING. I urge you to comment and applaud this fantastic and brilliantly written article. \o/ \o/

ALSO! If you'd like to join in the protest at the Philly Feb 7 casting call, there's now a Facebook Event! Protest at The Last Airbender Auditions. It will be AWESOME to see a big turn-out this time around. More info can also be found here.

People requested paraphernalia and I have started to create some.
Check out the zazzle store: AANG-AINT-WHITE. Still sparse, but growing! These products are all at-cost - this is not intended for profit, only to spread awareness.

Or better yet -- MAKE YOUR OWN! I have uploaded a set of printable images for you to download and make your own t-shirts, postcards, buttons, anything. It's cheap and fast and I'll be making more images later this week. If you want to use a slogan that isn't here, I take requests!

***I know these are generalizing the situation, but the purpose of the slogans is to incite interest and generate dialogue.


See more images and slogans!Collapse )


List of contacts here!

More info here!

And most important: KEEP TELLING YOUR FRIENDS!
26 January 2009 @ 08:46 am
(I have lots to post, bear with me and read through! It's worth it!)

So there was an awesome little protest that happened over the weekend at the Philadelphia casting call by. Yes, it was only two people. But their story is amazing. Plus, it garnered enough attention for NY Press and LJ's own OhNoTheyDidn't to cover the story. This is a win.

In the mood for a little awareness-spreading? I have some suggestions-
New York ComicCon - Feb 6-8
Are you going? Please consider attending the Asian Americans and Super Heroes: Secret Identities panel and mention/inquire their opinions on the Avatar casting! Or yellowface in general. :D
Here's info on the panel:Collapse )

Another Protest in Philly?
There's gonna be another casting call on February 7th in Philadelphia, from 10AM to 4PM at the Independence Hall Visitor Center - please consider attending! Details here.

Because really - this is the kind of things the casting agents will be looking for --
"We want you to dress in traditional cultural ethnic attire," [the casting director] said. "If you're Korean, wear a kimono. If you're from Belgium, wear lederhosen."
Yeah. She actually said this and has NO PROBLEM WITH IT BEING PUBLISHED.

If you can't attend but want to do something, consider Emailing the Daily Pennsylvanian's Editor, or commenting to that news report with your anger. The more the newspapers hear about this, the better!

I mean, we all know this. Also, he isn't a poor widdle innocent child actor, so I can slag him all I want. Actually, I was holding off quite well on personal Jesse-slagation, but then jaquenerd alerted me to a phone interview the fool had with an Arizona radio on The JohnJay Rich Show.

Listen to the mp3 to hear what he says! IT IS PURE NONSENSE. If you can't stand the sound of Jesse's absolute inane voice, thanks to the lovely jaquenerd we now can has transcriptCollapse )

If you can't bear to read through the stupidity, here are some gems:
JESSE: like cartoon anime series called Avatar: The Last Airbender that was explosively huge in Asia. They brought it to the US and it was on for, like, three seasons, uhh...
JESSE: I’ve been in kung-fu, dude, for like, three hours a day. Like- Martial arts and stuff. Fighting with like, different ninjas, and, it’s crazy, man.
RADIO DJ: Can you fight now? D’you think you can fight somebody with kung-fu?
JESSE: Um, one of the, one of the people’s, uh, one of the girls, her name is Nicola. She’s been in a few films. I forget her last name but she’s...gorgeous, and she’s an amazing actress.
RADIO DJ #1: You know what’s funny, dude? Is that you’ve got those big eyes. You kind of look like one of those anime movies.
RADIO DJ #2: Aww, he’s so cute! Well, you do have the anime, spiky hair.


We have a lot of publicity and it's gaining more interest, so please, don't stop now!

The Cartoon Brew news and The Maykazine blog have written articles on Avatar White-Washing, yay!

Other places to contact: