NO KILL I (glockgal) wrote,

fic (omg fic!): the beatles. a collab with bossymarmalade

run for yer life by bossymarmalade & glockgal
the beatles

warnings: murder, drug use
disclaimer: we've cocked up some of the beatles history, but to be fair, none of this is real anyhow.
bossymarmalade sez: i think this story has been working its way to the surface for fifteen years, only neither of us realized it.
glockgal sez: i am the mccartney to her lennon. without all the pizza and fairytales. (well, maybe a little)

summary: you don't get to the toppermost of the poppermost without a little sacrifice.
run fer yer lifeCollapse )
Tags: beatles, fanfic, sister
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Oh, I just found this, and it's remarkable. The storytelling, the style, the way the 'origin story' somehow lends itself to this slightly creepy, coldblooded, charming spin, in which the boys are off-balance and unpredictable sociopaths together, vulnerable and at the same time alarmingly callous - wow, it rings so true! Which is startling without being at all disrespectful, because the flippancy, the sharp edges, the shifting loyalties, the Four Musketeers united front and snippy, sniping, squabbling, druggy, unmoored-from-reality backstage dynamics still bear a heart-tugging resemblance to the way things played out for them. That sense of the four of them against the world, and yet with the destabilizing presence of blood in the water.

And their personalities are so distinct here. I can't do better than to point upward to withdiamonds and agree heartily: what she said!

Also, the language: bossymarmalade, you are amazing with words. So succinct, traveling so much ground in so small a space, and making every sentence glitter or slant with unexpected stylish leaps while never losing sight of the Beatles' voices. There are insights sprinkled all the way through, little character digs. And OMG, I admit it, your George makes the hair rise on the back of my neck!

glockgal, your art is always amazing. I love the different styles you've used here (eee, George's lip-curl while listening to Astrid scream, John unable to make up his mind whether or not to bully Ringo, Paul's petulant, decadent, "shut your gob" pout. But especially that final portrait - it makes my Beatles-loving heart swell up with wonderful nostalgia.

In short (which my comment is not): this is utterly fab.
eeeeee, EEEEEEEEE! Thank you so, so very much for this; unexpected feedback is the very best sometimes. *g*

startling without being at all disrespectful

It makes me extraordinarily happy that you say this in particular, because we love the Beatles HUGELY and while we wanted to play around with them, we didn't want to make them unrelentingly ugly and awful, y'know? So I'm delighted that our portrayal still seems loving and respectful; as we've gotten older, the meaner squabbly sides of them don't distress us the way they did when we were starry-eyed girls, heh.

I must clarify that glockgal did quite a bit of the writing, too! She has a puckish turn of phrase sometimes that I quite envy, because I didn't get ANY of the artistic talent. NOT FAIR. *g*

Thank you again, bushels and bobs, for such kind, incisive, thoughtful feedback the likes of which lucky recipients like us re-read over and over and OVER and still squee about. I appreciate it more than I can say!
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